772 Utilization of Live Observations and Forecast Data for Remote Energy Audits and Modeling Building Demand Response

Wednesday, 26 January 2011
John Bosse, AWS/WeatherBug, Germantown, MD

The evolution of the Smart Grid has generated multiple opportunities for utility companies to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. The increased demand for more efficient energy utilization, emphasis on renewable resources and demand response has brought a paradigm shift to the energy industry. There is an increased awareness down to the consumer level that the opportunity exists to become more efficient to drive savings and reduce the carbon foot print.

A system has been developed that utilizes highly accurate live local weather data to perform continuous remote energy audits on structures to determine their efficiency during various weather conditions. This audit data provides customized and prioritized recommendations to home and building owners to increase the energy efficiency of the structure. Further, combining the audit data with WeatherBug hyper-local forecasts enables the optimization of temperature control, thereby increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling the buildings. This system is provided as a connected service and is heavily dependent on network connectivity between the system and the thermostat in the building.

Participants will learn:

1. The importance of real-time hyper-local weather as a necessity to any smart utility programs

2. How to align the integration of technology services to build a comprehensive and intelligent system

3. Learn about key research initiatives currently underway for modeling building demand response

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