201 Implementing the AMS Climate Change course to fulfill the science requirement at Wesley College

Monday, 11 January 2016
Stephanie Stotts, Wesley College, Dover, DE

Wesley College, a minority serving institution with approximately 1600 students, launched an innovative core curriculum in the fall of 2014. The new skill-progression curriculum was designed to build a research foundation in the first year, including a research seminar, Frontiers of Science, at least one semester of math, and a full year of English. The only science requirement in the core, Frontiers of Science, is taught on any topic of the instructor's choice with one section focusing on climate change. The American Meteorological Society's (AMS) climate change text and website were introduced to faculty at the 2015 AMS Climate Diversity Workshop which proved instrumental for increasing familiarity with the course materials and building a passion for the topic. The AMS climate course materials will be incorporated into the Frontiers of Science course on climate change in the fall of 2015. While each instructor designs his or her own curriculum, the course design must include a research project following the scientific method, appropriate use of data analysis, and interpretation of scientific literature. The AMS climate course is designed for a full 14 week class, but the demands of this particular course will require a reduction in content to allow room for the development and execution of a research project. This purpose of this poster is to reflect on the strategy for integrating the AMS course into Wesley's Frontiers of Science core course, highlighting the difficulties and successes.
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