889 Use of Interoperability/Information Systems to Inform Crop-, Cattle-, and Community-Decision Makers in a Changing Climate

Thursday, 14 January 2016

With observed (in situ and sensing) and modeled data in Earth Sciences growing at rates never seen before it is unclear how users may benefit from massive amounts of climate data individually generated and publically available. The present work aims to identify possible mechanisms that will empower crop, cattle, and community climate data-users (CDU) to access and benefit from access to massive data and information publically available. The objectives are (1) identify climate-related data, including information individually generated and publically available to our CDUs; and (2) characterize standards and mechanisms of data integration to our CDUs. The proposed framework is built upon the interoperation platform, known as the Water for Food Interoperability/Information System (WaFIS). WaFIS is software aimed to address some of the main needs of CDUs' activities through data collection, storage, and distribution, as well as communication of information. Climate-data can be obtained from different agencies, groups and, individuals from punctual to global spatial scales including various resolutions. We use web services to access national climate data made available publically through the High Plains Climate Research Center (HPRCC) and individually generated data supported and encouraged by local extension offices and also available at the HPRCC. Both sources of data will be characterized by the use of hydrometeorological standards and climate extreme events in crop, cattle, and community activities. Preliminary results show challenges in the translation of data to information (analytics and synthesis) and the communication of information to various stakeholders. We expect to show the mechanisms to gather climate data and make hydrometeorological and climate extreme event information available to the public.
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