974 The Legacy of the 2006 NCAR ASP Colloquium, "the Challenge of Convective Forecasting," (a little more than) 10 Years Later

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Russ S. Schumacher, Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, CO; and E. Aligo, A. J. Clark, D. T. Dawson II, C. Evans, T. J. Galarneau Jr., K. Kosiba, N. D. Metz, J. J. Ruiz, R. Tanamachi, and B. Tang

Lance Bosart and Morris Weisman organized a summer colloquium on "The Challenge of Convective Forecasting'' at NCAR in 2006. Twenty-four graduate students from five countries participated in the colloquium, which featured lectures from leading scientists, daily weather discussions, and hands-on research activities.  Real-time forecasts from numerical models with explicit representation of deep convection were quite new at the time, and much of the two-week colloquium focused on the scientific basis for these forecasts, their great potential, and their many limitations.  In the 10+ years hence, convection-allowing models are an indispensable tool, both in research and for predicting precipitation and severe weather.  In the same time period, the graduate students who participated in the colloquium have advanced into careers of their own, and made many contributions to the understanding and prediction of deep convection.  Many collaborations have been established that would have been unlikely without the time spent at the colloquium; some examples of these will be included in the poster presentation.  Furthermore, many of the colloquium participants now educate and mentor students of their own, passing on important lessons to the next generation of students.  These outcomes serve as a testament to Lance Bosart's scientific vision and his dedication to educating and mentoring young scientists across our field.
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