6.5 Objective Characterization of Tropical Cyclones for Model Development

Tuesday, 9 January 2018: 11:30 AM
Room 8 ABC (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Kevin J. Dougherty, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD; and S. Abarca and D. T. Kleist

Currently, hurricane model development does not use a systematic way of selecting storms for model simulation and evaluation. To assist in the decision making process for model development and evaluation, a tool has been developed to provide objective characterization of tropical cyclones for the purposes of selecting storms during model testing changes. This novel approach will allow model developers to assess storms with a variety of criteria to enhance model evaluation efforts. The method will include criteria such as the total number of days as a named system, how many days a system underwent rapid intensification, whether or not a system recurved as well as estimates of environmental conditions like vertical wind shear magnitude and sea surface temperature. The tool will also include information as to whether or not reconnaissance aircraft data is available and how much of it there is. The tool will also be configured to include information regarding past model performance. As a demonstration of this new tool, we present an analysis of climatological behavior of storms as a reference for model developers. We will also discuss specifics as to how the tool can be used to aid in the model development and evaluation process.
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