98th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting: Student Presentation Awards

20atchem Conference: Best Student Poster Presentation

LaRC Modeling of Ozone Formation in San Antonio, Texas
Fangzhou Guo
Rice Univ.

Evaluating Commercial Marine Emissions and their Role in Air Quality Policy using Observations and the CMAQ Model
Allison M. Ring
Univ. of Maryland

Potential Constraints on “Background” Oxidation in Chemistry–Climate Models Using AToM-1 and -2 Observations of Formaldehyde Variability
Colleen Baublitz
Columbia Univ.

Progress toward Estimating Surface Carbon Dioxide Fluxes at the Regional Scale Using an Augmented Ensemble Kalman Filter
Hans W. Chen
Pennsylvania State Univ.

6mjo Symposium: 1st Place Poster Presentation

Investigating the Ability of Global Climate Models to Simulate MJO Modulation of Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Pacific Basin
Megan D. Fowler
Univ. of California

6mjo Symposium: 2nd Place Poster Presentation

The Role of Tropical Cyclones in Maintaining or Disrupting MJO Circulations
Lawrence C. Gloeckler

8r2o Conference Best Student Poster Presentation: 2nd Place

Toward Accurate, Efficient, and Consistent Global Flux Simulations
Chia-Pang Kuo
Texas A&M Univ.

32hydro Conference: 1st Place Oral Presentation

The Evaporative Stress Index as an Indictor for Flash Drought Across the United States Using Reanalysis Datasets
Jordan I. Christian
Univ. of Oklahoma

9energy Conference Student Paper Award: 2nd Place Oral Presentation

Development of a Thunderstorm Power Outage Prediction Model
Stephen Shield
The Ohio State Univ.

32hydro Conference: 2nd Place Oral Presentation

A New Estimate of North American Mountain Snow Accumulation from Regional Climate Model Simulations
Melissa L. Wrzesien
Ohio State Univ.

17ai Conference: 1st Place Oral Presentation

Assessing Uncertainty in Deep Learning Techniques that Identify Atmospheric Rivers in Climate Simulations
Ankur Mahesh

17ai Conference: 2nd Place Oral Presentation

Predicting 12-hour Storm Reports Using Random Forest Classification
David Harrison
CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma/NOAA/NSSL

17ai Conference: 3rd Place Oral Presentation

Applying Image Recognition to Enhance Fisheries Management Capabilities
Tzofi Klinghoffer
The Univ. of Alabama

32hydro Conference: 2nd Place Poster Presentation

Initializing Numerical Weather Prediction Models with Model-Derived and Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Data
Eli J. Dennis

10aerosol Symposium: Best Student Oral Presentation

Comparing the Aerosol Impacts on Deep Convective Updraft Characteristics in Two Cloud-Resolving Models
Peter J. Marinescu
Colorado State Univ.

Dependence of Aerosol Transport on Meteorological and Surface Properties within Tropical Sea Breeze Convection
Jungmin Minnie Park
Colorado State Univ.

10aerosol Symposium: Best Student Poster Presentation

The Effect of Saharan Mineral Dust Aerosols on the Inter-Annual Variability of the Strength of African Easterly Waves
Emily Bercos-Hickey
Univ. of California

10aerosol Symposium: Best Student Oral Presentation

Polarimetric Radar Convective Cell Tracking Reveals Large Sensitivity of Cloud Precipitation and Electrification Properties to CCN
Jiaxi Hu
Texas A&M Univ.

Observations of Aerosol–Cloud Interactions with Varying Vertical Separation between Biomass-Burning Aerosols and Stratocumulus Clouds over the South East Atlantic
Siddhant Gupta
Univ. of Illinois

10aerosol Symposium: Best Student Poster Presentation

Analyzing Hygroscopic Particle Growth of West Antarctic Boundary Layer Aerosols during AWARE
Jeramy L. Dedrick
Texas A&M Univ.

Laboratory Investigation on the Immersion Freezing Behavior of Arctic Aerosols Collected in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
Kimberly Cory
West Texas A&M Univ. (WTAMU)

Production of Aqueous Secondary Organic Aerosol during Cloud Processing Cycles
Cassandra Milan
Texas A&M Univ.

17ai Conference: Honorable Mention Oral Presentation

Self-Organizing Map Clustering of Terrestrial Lidar Data within Marshes
Xiaopeng Cai
Texas A&M Univ.

Unsupervised Clustering Method for Complexity Reduction of Airborne and Terrestrial 3D Point Cloud Data in Marshes
Chuyen Nguyen
Texas A&M Univ.

Using Deep Learning for Targeted Data Selection: Improving Satellite Observation Utilization for Model Initialization
Yu-Ju Lee

9health Conference: Top Overall Presentation

Developing an Early Warning for Onset of Allergenic Pollen Season
Fiona Lo
Univ. of Washington

PECAN Symposium: Oral Presentation 2nd Place

Examining Common Features of the Low-Level Jet during PECAN
Joshua G. Gebauer
Univ. of Oklahoma

22ioas Conference Student Paper Award: Best Student Presentation

On the Selection of Localization Radius in Ensemble Filtering for Multiscale Quasigeostrophic Dynamics
Yue (Michael) Ying
Pennsylvania State Univ.

Assimilation of Radar Data to Improve High-Resolution Numerical Simulations of Severe Hail Producing Thunderstorms
Jonathan Labriola
CAPS/Univ. of Oklahoma

6mjo Symposium: 2nd Place Oral Presentation

Extratropical and Circumnavigating Circulation Precursors to the Onset of Madden–Julian Oscillation Deep Convection over the Western Indian Ocean
Jennifer A. Gahtan

9health Conference: Top Overall Presentation

Indoor Temperature and Air Conditioning Use in Phoenix, AZ: A Household Study
Mary K. Wright
Arizona State Univ.

PECAN Symposium Oral Presentation: 3rd Place

Analyses of a Severe MCS and Tornadic Mesovortex Observed by PECAN on 5–6 July 2015
Matthew D. Flournoy
Univ. of Oklahoma

PECAN Symposium: Oral Presentation 1st Place

Analysis of PECAN 2015 MCSs Utilizing Airborne- and Ground-Based Doppler Observations and Airborne In Situ Microphysical Data
Daniel M. Stechman
Univ. of Illinois

6mjo Symposium: 1st Place Oral Presentation

Evaluating NOAA Climate Forecast System Global Subseasonal Forecasts with an Emphasis on Tropical Convection
Nicholas Weber
Univ. of Washington

9energy Conference Student Paper Award: 1st Place Poster Presentation

Can Surface Roughness Changes Explain Terrestrial Wind Stilling?
Jacob Coburn
Univ. of Minnesota

9energy Conference Student Paper Award: 3rd Place Oral Presentation

Very Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting Using Remote Sensing Data: Experiments with a LIDAR Simulator
Laura Valldecabres Sanmartin
Forwind, Univ. of Oldenburg

9health Conference: Honorable Mention

Future Projections of Heat Waves and Cooling Degree Days in Large Cities Across the South-Central United States.
Melanie Schroers
Texas A&M Univ.

PECAN Symposium Poster Presentation: 3rd Place

Impacts of Low-Level Stability on MCS Propagation
Stacey M. Hitchcock
Colorado State Univ.

PECAN Symposium: Poster Presentation 1st Place

Impact of Assimilating PECAN IOP Observations on the Numerical Prediction of Bores and Bore-Initiated Convection
Hristo Georgiev Chipilski
Univ. of Oklahoma

PECAN Symposium: Poster Presentation 2nd Place

Boundary Layer Structure and Low-Level Jets during PECAN
Brian J. Carroll
Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County

32hydro Conference: 1st Place Poster Presentation

Effect of Heteroscedasticity Treatment in Residual Error Models on Model Calibration and Prediction Uncertainty Estimation
Ruochen Sun
Nanjing Univ.

20atchem Conference: Best Student Oral Presentation

Impacts of Bay Breezes and Deep Convective Circulations on Surface Ozone at Two Coastal Sites along the Chesapeake Bay
Gina M. Mazzuca
Univ. of Maryland

8r2o Conference: Best Student Oral Presentation 1st Place

Developing and Testing Watch-Scale Forecast Products in the FACETs Paradigm
Makenzie Krocak

9energy Conference: Student Paper Award: Honorable Mention Poster Presentation

A Statistical Analysis of Suburban Surface Temperatures and Their Relationship to Electricity Use
Rebecca Huff
Univ. of Maryland

9energy Conference Student Paper Award: 1st Place Oral Presentation

Quantifying Wake Impacts on Downwind Wind Farms Using the WRF Wind Farm Parameterization
Jessica M. Tomaszewski
Univ. of Colorado