J19.1 100 Years of Communicating Weather, Climate, and Environmental Information and Forecasts: 1950s–2050s

Monday, 8 January 2018: 4:00 PM
Ballroom B (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Robert Ryan, Consulting Meteorologist, McLean, VA

Since the 1950s and the phenomenal advance in computer science and digital power, coupled with the birth and development of the "space age" and discoveries and broad understanding of the fundamentals of our sciences, it can be argued that the atmospheric and related sciences have been in a "Golden Age". The service and application of our shared sciences to more of society and national and world economies continues to grow.
Yet the great advance in our science does not necessarily translate into better understanding and trust of information and forecasts and best decisions by the public or " non-specialized" users of weather, climate, environmental information, data and forecasts.
The growing use of so called "big data" and new technologies in all sectors of the sciences affords a view of changes in some of the methods and tools of the future communication of critical information and forecasts that will make for better decision making in the coming decades. Thoughts and perspectives on where have come and where we are going, " Emojis to FACTS" and the future of more effective communication of and in our sciences will be presented.

FACTS Future Actionable and Communicable Total forecast System

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