5A.1A Estimating Convective Entrainment Rates Associated with Deep Convection Using Aura CO and CloudSat Observations

Tuesday, 9 January 2018: 10:30 AM
Room 18CD (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Ryan Stanfield, JPL, Pasadena, CA; and H. Su, J. Jiang, L. Huang, Z. Luo, and A. Molod

Convective entrainment rates are often derived from in-situ
measurements or cloud-resolving model simulations. A complete
description of entrainment rates for convective systems over the globe
is not yet available. This study attempts to estimate convective
entrainment rates from satellite observations using Aura TES and MLS
carbon monoxide (CO) measurements associated with deep convective cases
identified by CloudSat data. CO is treated as a conserved quantity over
convective transport time scales and a simple entraining-plume model is
used to derive entrainment rates. The model currently assumes a constant
entrainment rate and iteratively determines the entrainment rate for
each deep convective case using Aura TES and MLS joint retrieval of CO
profiles. Observational estimates are also compared with high-resolution
GEOS5 simulations. The results of this study will serve as a reference
to help improve parameterizations of convective entrainment in general
circulation models.
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