3.3 Water Conservation Irrigation Practices for More Produce out of Crops

Monday, 8 January 2018: 3:00 PM
Room 3 (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Saripalli SuryaNarayan, Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers, Mumbai, India
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We have water bodies everywhere on the continents. The soils in each region or the country are suitable for growing some or the other types of plants, except when it is rocky. We have started using many types of fruits, vegetables, or some seeds. In the process we found some types of grains can be used as main food daily, that is Wheat and Rice now days in half the world. In older systems it was barley, maize and some millets. Sometimes we have left behind some of the crops as we have not felt comfortable with the grains that were in use then. This could be for various reasons including taste, digestion adaptability, availability and versatile and might not be cost effective.

We as a international society have set up market mechanisms for pricing of the grains, seeds etc based on the systems of agriculture and the mechanisms adopted by each country, region and the Governments. While Human systems wants betterment by productivity, the combination of water, soil and organic matter gives way for production of many pest, worms, and breeds mosquito to a large extent.

The combination of man animal as life support systems is most predominant by virtue of which man is accustomed to the milky cows and or such animal milk, and has started to cook and eat several birds. Several Big animal mutton has also started creeping in to food habits, along with the Goats and Sheep which have started finding as a farm animal.

Over years fish and other sea foods cooking and eating have increased to meet the dietary requirements of increasing humanity and their hunger.

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