Joint Session 42 Indoor Heat Exposure: Measurements, Impacts, and Solutions

Wednesday, 10 January 2018: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Room 17B (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Hosts: (Joint between the Ninth Conference on Environment and Health; and the 13th Symposium on Societal Applications: Policy, Research and Practice )
Mary K. Wright, Arizona State Univ., School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Tempe, AZ and Augusta Williams, Harvard Univ., Department of Environmental Health, Boston, MA

This session will showcase research that is building knowledge of indoor thermal environments, including the association between outdoor and indoor conditions, indoor health and well-being, measurements and models of the indoor environment, and the use and impact of services such as energy assistance and weatherization programs. Presentations discussing best practices for collaboration and communicating findings and risks across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries are encouraged.

10:30 AM
Heat Exposure and Associated Health Effects in an Outdoor Stadium Venue
Chris Fuhrmann, Mississippi State Univ., Mississippi State, MS; and A. Collins, M. E. Brown, B. Gutter, A. Raborn, M. Williams, and C. Worley
10:45 AM
Indoor Temperature and Air Conditioning Use in Phoenix, AZ: A Household Study
Mary K. Wright, Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ; and D. M. Hondula, P. Chakalian, L. C. Kurtz, L. E. Watkins, and S. L. Harlan
11:00 AM
Impact of Heat Waves on Cognitive Function among Young Adults
Jose Guillermo CedeƱo Laurent, Harvard Univ., Boston, MA; and A. Williams, Y. Oulhote, A. Zanobetti, J. Allen, and J. Spengler
11:15 AM
A Stakeholder-Guided Heat Vulnerability Analysis for Las Cruces, New Mexico
Rebia Khan, NASA, Hampton, VA; and J. O'Brien, C. Wilson, F. Jia, L. E. Watkins, and D. M. Hondula

11:30 AM
A Framework for Forecasting Indoor Temperatures for Populations at Risk from Heat Waves
Brian Vant-Hull, City College, New York, NY; and P. Ramamurthy and J. K. Drapkin
11:45 AM

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