Joint Session 51 Joint Session with the Committee on Atmospheric Chemistry. Part IV: Topics of Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution Meteorology

Thursday, 11 January 2018: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
412 (Hilton) (Austin, Texas)
Hosts: (Joint between the 20th Joint Conference on the Applications of Air Pollution Meteorology with the A&WMA; and the 20th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry )
Jon Pleim, NOAA, ARL, Research Triangle Park, NC

This session focuses on the coupling of chemistry and meteorology in chemical transport models for air quality simulations/applications and in particular for ozone and PM2.5 impacts due to large single sources (e.g., power plants). Other key issues include the effects of boundary layer and land surface processes on air quality, the impact of clouds and precipitation on air quality, and modeling processes across scales.

10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Photochemical Modeling of Industrial Flare Plumes Using SCICHEM
Ron Thomas, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Austin, TX; and P. Karamchandani, L. Parker, G. Yarwood, and M. Jones
11:00 AM
Pollution Characteristics and Control Strategies of Atmospheric Photochemistry at a Comprehensive Site in Guangzhou, China
Yu Zou, Guangzhou Institute of Tropical and Marine Meteorology, China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Guangzhou, China
11:30 AM
Reduction in Potency of Floral Scents as a Result of Increasing Pollutant Concentrations
J. D. Fuentes, Pennsylvania State Univ., Univ. Park, PA; and J. J. Orlando, G. Tyndall, G. G. Katul, E. Bou-Zeid, and T. Roulston
11:45 AM
SCICHEM, CMAQ, and CAMx Single-Source Secondary Pollutants: A Model Intercomparison
Bart Brashers, Ramboll Environ, Lynnwood, WA; and P. Karamchandani, E. Knipping, J. Jung, T. Shah, B. Chowdhury, A. Alvarez-Gomez, G. Yarwood, R. Morris, and N. Kumar
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