16th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification

Poster Session 1

 Poster Session
 P1.1Modeling the complex interactions among urban climate, air quality, and adaptive/reactive human response  extended abstract
David J. Sailor, Portland State University, Portland, OR; and R. D. Bornstein, L. George, J. Semenza, and H. Taha
 P1.2Probe into the Hail Formation Mechanism on the Northeastern Border of Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and its Neighbourhood  extended abstract
Kang Fengqin, Lanzhou Institute of Arid Meteorology, Lanzhou, Gansu, China; and Z. Qiang and G. Xueliang
 P1.3Fog Aerosol analysis and cloud seeding experiments at DaeGwalryoung, Korea.  extended abstract
Sung-Nam Oh, Meteorological Research Institute / Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul, South Korea; and Y. H. Kim, J. Y. Kim, G. M. Park, J. Y. Jeong, and H. Y. Yang
 P1.4Impacts of Cloud Seeding on COOP Precipitation Measurements in the Southern Plains  extended abstract
Bradley G. Illston, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK OK
P1.5Evaluation of Hail Suppression Operations on the North Dakota Cloud Modification Project 1985-2003  
Aaron Gilstad, North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board, Bismarck, ND
 P1.6Effect of air pollution on precipitation along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains  extended abstract
Israel L. Jirak, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; and W. R. Cotton and W. L. Woodley
 P1.7Application of a hydrologic model to assess the effects of cloud seeding in the Walker river basin of Nevada  
Douglas P. Boyle, DRI, Reno, NV; and G. Lamorey and A. Huggins
 P1.8A Model Based Feasibility Study of Glacionic Seeding during a Winter Orographic Precipitation Event in Wyoming  extended abstract
Tara Jensen, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and R. Bruintjes, D. Breed, W. D. Hall, B. Boe, and K. Ross
P1.9A look at thunderstorm indices and their ability to discriminate between seedable and non-seedable days in the Southern Ogallala Aquifer Rainfall (SOAR) program target area  
Caleb J. Midgley, SOAR program, Plains, TX; and D. Axisa
 P1.10Three-dimensional modeling of North Dakota clouds using a new microphysical scheme with explicit treatment of atmospheric aerosols and hygroscopic seeding effects  extended abstract
Richard D. Farley, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD; and M. R. Hjelmfelt and S. L. Hansen
Roland List, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 P1.12Summary of trace chemical and physical measurements of snowfall in two Nevada cloud seeding target areas  extended abstract
Arlen W. Huggins, DRI, Reno, NV; and P. R. Edwards and J. R. McConnell
 P1.13The Magnifying Glass Versus The Rubber Stamp—The Role of Statistics in Weather Modification  extended abstract
Tressa L. Fowler, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and B. G. Brown and E. Gilleland

Monday, 10 January 2005: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

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