12th Conference on Aviation Range and Aerospace Meteorology

Poster Session 5


Low Altitude Wind Shear and Wake Vortices Posters

 P5.1Preliminary synoptic climatology of cool season severe weather for the philadelphia national weather service county warning area and vicinity  extended abstract
Paul J. Croft, Kean Univ., Union, NJ; and M. G. Stroz
 P5.2Low-altitude wind conditions on helios flight days at Kauai, HI  extended abstract
L. J. Ehernberger, NASA, Lancaster, CA
 P5.3Evaluation of wind algorithms for reporting wind speed and gust for use in air traffic control towers  extended abstract
Thomas A. Seliga, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, Cambridge, MA; and D. A. Hazen
 P5.4Evaluation of Pulsed Lidar Wind Hazard Detection at Las Vegas International Airport  extended abstract wrf recording
Christopher Keohan, FAA, Oklahoma City, OK; and K. Barr and S. M. Hannon
 P5.5Wind measurements with high-energy Doppler lidar  extended abstract
Grady J. Koch, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA; and M. J. Kavaya, B. Barnes, J. Y. Beyon, M. Petros, J. Yu, F. Amzajerdian, and U. Singh
 P5.6Generation of eddy dissipation rate map at the Hong Kong International Airport based on Doppler LIDAR data  extended abstract
P. W. Chan, Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong, China
 P5.7A climatological study of low-level internal gravity waves in precipitating environments over the Kanto Plain, Japan  extended abstract
Kenichi Kusunoki, MRI, Tsukuba, Japan
 P5.8High resolution numerical modelling of windshear episodes at the Hong Kong International Airport  extended abstract
K.C. Szeto, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China; and P. W. Chan
 P5.9Acoustic technology for aircraft wake vortex detection  extended abstract
Rebecca J. Rodenhiser, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA; and W. W. Durgin and H. Johari
 P5.10Validation of SODAR real-time sensing and visualisation of wake vortices  extended abstract
Stuart Bradley, Univ. of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
 P5.11Operational reliability and accuracy of SODARs in wing vortex characterization  extended abstract
Stuart Bradley, Univ. of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand; and S. Von Hünerbein and K. H. Underwood

Tuesday, 31 January 2006: 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall A2

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