Satellite Applications and Volcanic Ash Detection Posters

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Tuesday, 31 January 2006: 9:45 AM
Exhibit Hall A2 (Georgia World Congress Center)
Host: 12th Conference on Aviation Range and Aerospace Meteorology
Observing clear air turbulence indirectly in satellite imagery
Anthony Wimmers, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and W. F. Feltz

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Satellite-based aviation weather applications for convection, visibility, turbulence, and volcanic ash
Wayne F. Feltz, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and K. Bedka, A. Wimmers, M. Pavolonis, S. Bedka, S. A. Ackerman, J. R. Mecikalski, J. J. Murray, and D. B. Johnson

Statistical relationships between satellite-derived mesoscale atmospheric motion vectors, rawinsondes, and NOAA wind profiler network observations
Kristopher M. Bedka, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and W. F. Feltz, J. R. Mecikalski, R. A. Petersen, and C. S. Velden

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The use of MODIS water vapro imagery, NWP model analysis, and pilot reports to diagnose turbulent mountain waves
Nathan Uhlenbrock, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and S. A. Ackerman, W. F. Feltz, R. D. Sharman, and J. R. Mecikalski

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Improved satellite-based volcanic ash detection and height estimates
Michael J. Pavolonis, NOAA/NESDIS, Madison, WI; and W. F. Feltz and A. Heidinger

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Volcanic ash cloud heights using the MODIS CO2-slicing algorithm
Michael Richards, Federal Aviation Administration; and S. A. Ackerman, M. J. Pavolonis, and W. F. Feltz

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Development and testing of the Volcanic Ash Coordination Tool (VACT)
Dennis M. Rodgers, NOAA/FSL, Boulder, CO; and G. Pratt and J. M. Osiensky

A global contrail climatology
Martin Stuefer, Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK; and G. Wendler

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