2002 Annual

Sunday, 13 January 2002
Weather Edutainment on the Web: The Southeast Regional Climate Center's outreach program
Sean Potter, Southeast Regional Climate Center, Columbia, SC
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The Southeast Regional Climate Center maintains an outreach program that meets the weather and climate-related needs of the K-12 educational community. To help support this objective, the SERCC has developed a number of web-based activities whose purpose is both to educate the user on the basics of weather and climate as well as to entertain. These "edutainment" activities are all original designs, some of which are based on similar non-weather and climate activities developed elsewhere. One of the activities has been selected by the National Science Teachers Association to be included in a database of websites that can be accessed by readers of selected elementary and secondary science textbooks. This poster describes the range of web-based educational resources maintained by the SERCC.

Supplementary URL: http://www.dnr.state.sc.us/climate/sercc