2002 Annual

Monday, 14 January 2002: 2:15 PM
NOAA Polar Instrument Data Generation for Level 1B Users
Arlington R. Morgan, Computer Sciences Corp., Suitland, MD; and E. D. Harrod
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Information Processing Division(IPD) receives and formats raw spacecraft instrument data into user friendly level 1B* (unpacked) and 1B( packed) formats for distribution to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) polar data user community . The data provided includes quality checked instrument video data, computed calibration coefficients, earth location parameters for earth scan data and telemetry data for each instrument on the Polar Operational Environmental Satellites (POES) spacecraft. The data contained in the 1B and 1B* data sets is utilized by users to generate products such as Sea Surface Temperature, Vegetation Index, Soundings Moisture Profiles, Ozone, Aerosol and Radiation Budget. The goal of IPD is to provide the polar data user community with timely, accurate and complete information in the polar satellite level 1B and 1B* data. Quality control tools and utilities are employed in the effort to achieve the stated goal. This paper gives a brief summary of the IPD level 1B processing requirements and a description of how it meets those requirements.

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