2002 Annual

Session 2: IIPS Applications in Satellites and Satellite Programs

Monday, 14 January 2002: 1:30 PM-5:15 PM
Organizers:  Gerald J. Dittberner, NOAA/NESDIS and David Santek, Univ. of Wisconsin
  1:30 PM
An Overview of the Initial Joint Polar-orbiting System (IJPS) and its Impact on the NOAA/NESDIS POES Program
Diane Holmes, Mitretek Systems, Inc., Falls Church, VA; and S. L. Bunin and H. J. Silva

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  1:45 PM
An Overview of the NOAA/NESDIS Product Processing Plans for the Initial Joint Polar System Era
Stacy L. Bunin, Mitretek Systems, Inc., Falls Church, VA; and D. Holmes and P. M. Taylor

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  2:00 PM
NOAA's GOES Satellite Program - Status and Plans
Gerald J. Dittberner, NOAA/NESDIS, Suitland, MD

  2:15 PM
NOAA Polar Instrument Data Generation for Level 1B Users
Arlington R. Morgan, Computer Sciences Corp., Suitland, MD; and E. D. Harrod

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  2:30 PM
Recent Developments in QuikSCAT Near-Real-Time Processing at NOAA/NESDIS
Jeffrey M. Augenbaum, Computer Sciences Corp., Suitland, MD; and R. W. Luczak and G. Legg

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  2:45 PM
Evolution of NANOOK, the NOAA/NESDIS Near-real-time MODIS processing system
Paul D. Haggerty, Science and Technology Corp., Suitland, MD; and K. Sprietzer, G. Legg, and R. Luczak


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  3:00 PM
Validation of a neural network based MODIS global cloud mask using ground-based instruments
Todd Berendes, Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville, AL; and D. A. Berendes, R. M. Welch, E. E. Clothiaux, E. G. Dutton, P. Minnett, and T. Uttal

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  3:15 PM
Propagation and lifetime characteristics of thunderstorm anvil clouds over Florida
David A. Short, ENSCO, Inc., Cocoa Beach, FL; and J. E. Sardonia, W. C. Lambert, and M. M. Wheeler

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  3:30 PM
The GOES Active Archive—A new way to browse and access
Axel Graumann, NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC, Asheville, NC; and B. Watkins and J. A. Jensen

Poster PDF (110.2 kB)
The use of an HDF-EOS-based parallel data-computing environment for cross-sensor satellite data merger and technology transition

  4:00 PM
Extracting the Maximum from Geographic Metadata at the NASA Langley ASDC
John O. Olson, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA; and K. D. Rowe and F. Y. Wang


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  4:15 PM
GES DAAC improved methods and tools for accessing MODIS data
Dimitar Ouzounov, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and S. Ahmad, P. Eaton, J. Koziana, G. Leptoukh, A. Savtchenko, G. Serafino, A. K. Sharma, M. Skider, J. Qu, and B. Zhou

Poster PDF (20.1 kB)
  4:30 PM
Development of scatterometer-derived research-quality surface pressure fields for the Southern Ocean
Kyle A. Hilburn, COAPS, Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, FL; and M. A. Bourassa and J. J. O'Brien


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  4:45 PM
Coffee Break in Poster Session Room