2002 Annual

Wednesday, 16 January 2002
Summary statistics of precipitation and its anomalies for regions of Virginia from 1900 through 1999
T. Dale Bess, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA
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Monthly climate precipitation data for nineteen regional stations for Virginia are analyzed. These nineteen regions are included in six climatological regions that divide the state. The eastern most region (division 1) is named Tidewater and contains 4 stations. The western most region (division 6) is named Southwestern Mountains and contains 3 stations. In between there is Eastern Piedmont (division 2) with 2 stations, Western Piedmont (division 3) with 3 stations, Northern (division 4) with 3 stations and Central Mountains (division 5) with 4 stations. For the 19 stations, both mean monthly and mean annual precipitation and their variances tend to be larger in the eastern regions than in the western regions. Williamsburg had the largest monthly and annual mean precipitation at 4.19 inches and 49.9 inches respectively. Williamsburg also had the largest rainfall for a month at 21.35 inches and for the year at 75.65 inches. No trend in the amount of precipitation for stations over time is evident for the data. Correlations of station data within regions tends to be higher than correlations of station data between regions.

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