2002 Annual

Tuesday, 15 January 2002: 3:00 PM
Status of the dual polarization upgrade on the NOAA'S research and development WSR-88D
Valery Melnikov, University of Oklahoma/CIMMS, Norman, OK; and D. S. Zrnic, R. J. Doviak, and J. K. Carter
Progress on the upgrade of the research and development WSR-88D to dual polarization is reviewed. Current capability is to transmit simultaneous horizontally and vertically polarized fields or to transmit exclusively horizontally polarized fields. Presently reception is possible of only the vertical or horizontal components, but in eminent future both components will be processed. Nonetheless, with reception of one component much can be deduced about the quality of the system. Tests and measurements are reported on the stability of the system, the overall isolation and the balance of powers in the two channels. An interim upgrade using an existing signal processor is described as well as a proposed upgrade that will incorporate a commercial digital receiver.

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