2002 Annual

Thursday, 17 January 2002: 2:14 PM
Implementation of an online database at the Surface Reference Data Center
Michael D. Klatt, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and M. L. Morrissey and J. S. Greene
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The Surface Reference Data Center (SRDC) is tasked with producing gridded rain gauge estimates for verification purposes in support of the Global Precipitation Climatology Experiment (GPCP). Integral to the SRDC mission is the collection and distribution of rain gauge data and derived products to GPCP participants and the research community in general. Easy access to all available data is essential to internal users as well. Currently, data management at SRDC involves a myriad of separate applications and procedures. Data are stored as a series of simple text files. Web access is available via a Perl CGI script. Although a subset of the data can be specified for download, advanced sorting and formatting is incumbent on the user. With the limitations of the current system in mind, it is being replaced with one that is more robust, flexible, and most important, user-friendly. For more information, visit the SRDC web site at http://www.evac.ou.edu/srdc.

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