2002 Annual

Joint Session 5: Statistical Downscaling (Joint with the 16th Conference on Probability and Statistics and the 13th Symposium on Global Change and Climate Variations)

Tuesday, 15 January 2002: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Organizer:  Simon J. Mason, SIO/Univ. of Califonia
  4:00 PM
Sensitivity of Climate Change Estimates Using Statistical Downscaling to the Method and Predictors
Radan Huth, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Prague, Czech Republic

  4:15 PM
Modeling stochastic structure of daily temperature as downscaling of GCM fields
Marina M. Timofeyeva, UCAR and NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD; and R. G. Craig

  4:30 PM
A spatial time series framework for modeling daily precipitation at regional scales
Phaedon C. Kyriakidis, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, CA; and N. L. Miller and J. Kim

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  5:00 PM
North Atlantic Ocean Wave Climate Change Scenarios
Xiaolan L. Wang, MSC, Downsview, ON, Canada; and V. R. Swail

  5:15 PM
Possible climate change impacts on ozone in the Great Lakes Region: Some implications for respiratory illness
Peter J. Sousounis, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; and C. P. J. Scott and M. L. Wilson

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