83rd Annual

Thursday, 13 February 2003: 9:15 AM
Design Aspects of the COMET Multimedia Database
Stephen A. Drake, UCAR/COMET, Boulder, CO; and E. Kuo
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Over the past year, The Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET) has endeavored to provide our sponsors access to graphics and other media generated for training modules. We have achieved this goal by means of a web-based application, the COMET Multimedia Database (CMDB). The CMDB allows users to search for, browse, and download various types of media and reuse them in educational content development and for other related purposes. This web application utilizes a Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm: Javabeans and a relational database hold model information, Java Server Pages (JSPs) supply the view, and the Jakarta Struts framework provides a controller mechanism. In this paper we delineate the web application design and features of the application itself.

Supplementary URL: http://www.comet.ucar.edu/appdoc/software/apps/moria/index.html