83rd Annual


Wednesday, 12 February 2003: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Organizers:  Fred P. Lewis, IPS MeteoStar, Inc.; S. Edward Boselly, Weather Solutions Group and David J. Pace, SAIC, FAA TAC
  1:30 PM
Multi-radar Integration to Improve En Route Aviation Operations in Severe Convective Weather
James E. Evans, MIT Lincoln Lab., Lexington, MA; and K. Carusone, M. M. Wolfson, B. Crowe, and D. J. Smalley

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  1:45 PM
An Overview of Federal Highway Administration Road Weather Management Program Activities
Paul Pisano, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC; and B. Hicks, R. Persaud, L. Goodwin, and A. Stern

Poster PDF (119.2 kB)
  2:00 PM
Analysis of Weather Impacts on Traffic Flow in Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
Andrew D. Stern, Mitretek Systems, Inc., Falls Church, VA; and V. Shah, L. Goodwin, and P. Pisano

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  2:15 PM
The Winter Road Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) Project Update and Future Plans
William P. Mahoney, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and W. Myers


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  2:30 PM
Verification of the Road Weather Forecast System for the Maintenance Decision Support System
Jamie K. Wolff, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and B. C. Bernstein and W. Myers

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  2:45 PM
Automated Forecasting of Road Conditions and Recommended Road Treatments for Winter Storms
Robert G. Hallowell, MIT Lincoln Lab., Lexington, MA; and G. L. Blaisdell

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  3:00 PM
Weather decision support systems for the transportation industry
Martin McKewon, Meteorologix LLC, Minneapolis, MN; and J. Foerster

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  3:15 PM
Aurora Program research activities
Michael J. Adams, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Madison, WI


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  3:30 PM
Cooperative Education efforts in Surface Transportation Weather
Leon F. Osborne Jr., University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND; and C. B. Block and A. Borho

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  3:45 PM
  4:15 PM
Wind-Profiler Derived Snow Level Monitoring: California Highway I-80 Donner Summit
Elizabeth J. Carter, Firnspiegel LLC, Kings Beach, CA; and F. M. Ralph, A. B. White, T. S. Dye, and S. N. Goates


Poster PDF (1011.4 kB)
  4:30 PM
Supporting Surface Transportation Weather Forecasting at Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc
Cory B. Block, Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc., Grand Forks, ND; and J. J. Mewes and S. G. Gaddy

Poster PDF (337.7 kB)
  4:45 PM
Laboratory and Field Test Results from a Pavement Sensor
Panu Partanen, Vaisala Oyj, Helsinki, Finland; and V. Haavisto and T. Haavasoja


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  5:00 PM
Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall (Exhibits Open from 1:007:30 p.m.)