Joint Poster Session 2 Poster Session II

Thursday, 2 July 2015: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Salon A-3 & A-4 (Hilton Chicago)
Host: 27th Conference On Weather Analysis And Forecasting/23rd Conference On Numerical Weather Prediction
Andrew L. Molthan, NASA/MSFC, Earth Science Office/Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) Center, Huntsville, AL and Sam Ng, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Denver, CO

New Ensemble and Forecasting Techniques, Dynamics of Midlatitude Cyclones, Forecast Verification and Performance, Research to Operations Testbeds, Global and Regional Modeling, Modeling at Increased Spatial and Temporal Frequency, New or Improved Parameterizations, Model Development and New Applications, Regional Climate Downscaling, and Other Contributions

Poster 16 will be presented as paper 7B.1A as well

The Results of the Field Evaluation of NDBC's Prototype Self-Contained Ocean Observations Payload (SCOOP)
Richard H. Bouchard, NOAA/NDBC, Stennis Space Center, MS; and R. V. Hervey, W. McCall, R. Beets, M. D. Robbie, C. Wills, J. Tancredi, M. Vasquez, and S. DiNapoli

Handout (3.8 MB)

Forecasting of Soil Water Content using Support Vector Regression with the Purpose of Agricultural Drought
Toprak Aslan, ITU = Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey; and Ö. Baydaroglu, K. Koçak, and L. Saylan

North American Rapid Refresh Ensemble (NARRE)-Preliminary Configuration
Isidora Jankov, CIRA/Colorado State Univ., Boulder, CO; and M. Hu, T. Smirnova, J. Beck, S. Gregory, C. Alexander, T. E. Workoff, F. Barthold, J. M. Brown, and S. Benjamin

Use of Stochastic Physics Approach in North American Rapid Refresh Ensemble (NARRE)
Isidora Jankov, CIRA/Colorado State Univ., Boulder, CO; and J. Beck, T. Smirnova, G. Grell, S. Freitas, J. B. Olson, J. Brown, S. Benjamin, and J. Berner

Development of a near-real-time GOES-based satellite verification and forecaster guidance system for the HRRR model
Jason A. Otkin, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI; and J. Sieglaff, S. M. Griffin, L. M. Cronce, and C. Alexander

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The Self-Aggregation of Convection in Idealized Numerical Simulations using Different Cumulus Parameterizations
Thomas J. Galarneau Jr., NCAR, Boulder, CO; and C. A. Davis, Y. H. Kuo, W. Wang, and D. A. Ahijevych

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Observation impact on forecast error of binary interacted typhoons TEMBIN (201214) and BOLAVEN (201215)
Sung-Min Kim, YONSEI University, SEOUL, Korea, Republic of (South); and H. M. Kim

Poster 29 will be presented as paper 10B.5A as well

An Overview of CAPS Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecast for the 2015 NOAA HWT Spring Forecasting Experiment
Fanyou Kong, CAPS, Norman, OK; and M. Xue, Y. Jung, K. Brewster, K. Thomas, Y. Wang, F. Shen, A. Clark, I. L. Jirak, S. J. Weiss, J. Correia Jr., and C. J. Melick
Manuscript (2.1 MB)

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The Use of Vertical Cross Sections in Physics Development for Convection-Allowing Scale NAM Nests
Eric Aligo, EMC/NCEP/NWS/NOAA and I.M. Systems Group, Inc., College Park, MD; and B. Ferrier, E. Rogers, J. Carley, and G. DiMego

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