32nd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology/31st Conference on Radar Meteorology/Fifth Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes

Session 4B: QPE

Thursday, 7 August 2003: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Chair:  R. Carbone, NCAR
  10:30 AM
Rainfall estimation with a polarimetric prototype of the operational WSR-88D radar
Alexander V. Ryzhkov, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and S. Giangrande and T. J. Schuur

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  10:45 AM
The 'Area Integrated Z/ZDR' technique for improved rainfall rate estimates with operational polarisation radar
Robert J. Thompson, University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom; and A. J. Illingworth

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  11:00 AM
Relative importance of factors degrading quantitative precipitation estimates for heavy rainfall events in coastal and continental locations
Robert Nissen, MSC, Vancouver, BC, Canada; and D. Hudak, L. Neil, N. Donaldson, S. Boodoo, R. P. Ford, and P. Campbell

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  11:15 AM
Improving radar rainfall measurement stability using mountain returns in real time
Daniel Sempere-Torres, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain; and R. Sanchez-Diezma, M. Berenguer, R. Pascual, and I. Zawadzki

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  11:30 AM
Exploring new synergies between radar data and mesoscale model forecasts
Marion P. Mittermaier, Univ. of Reading, Reading, Berks., United Kingdom; and R. Hogan and A. J. Illingworth

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  11:45 AM
Error statistics of VPR corrections in stratiform precipitation
Isztar Zawadzki, McGill University, Montreal, PQ, Canada; and A. Bellon

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  12:00 PM
Correcting radar derived rainfall rates at the surface using Doppler velocities
Steven A. Lack, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO; and N. I. Fox

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  12:15 PM
Predictability of precipitation as a function of scale from large-scale radar composites
Urs Germann, MeteoSwiss, Locarno-Monti, Switzerland; and I. Zawadzki

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