32nd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology/31st Conference on Radar Meteorology/Fifth Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes

Poster Session 2C: Retrieval/Algorithm Poster

Thursday, 7 August 2003: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
A methodology for attenuation correction based on the minimization of a cost function
Marc Berenguer, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain; and G. Lee, D. Sempere-Torres, and I. Zawadzki

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A simple algorithm for eliminating Doppler velocity aliasing

Nonlinear Retrieval of Single Doppler Radar Wind Field Using Wavelet

Problems and solutions in real-time Doppler wind retrievals
Shun Liu, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and P. Zhang, L. Wang, J. Gong, and Q. Xu

Poster PDF (272.3 kB)
Improvement of VVP method retrieval 3D wind field
Wei Ming, Nanjing Universtiy, Nanjing, China

Detection of rotation and boundaries using two-dimensional, local, linear least squares estimates of velocity derivatives
Travis M. Smith, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK; and K. L. Elmore, G. J. Stumpf, and V. Lakshmanan

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Detection of Dust Storms with a C-Band Doppler Radar
Ronald Hannesen, AMS-Gematronik, Neuss, Germany; and A. Weipert

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A Solution for Range-Velocity Ambiguity using Hybrid Multi-PRF Dealiasing Algorithm