448 Comparison experiments between GRAPES_Meso and WRF

Wednesday, 26 January 2011
LianTang Deng, China Meterological Administration, Beijing, China; and Y. Su Sr. and D. Chen Sr.

The GRAPES-MESO has run as an operational system for 4 years from 2006. However, the system frequently aborted in recently after it is updated from Version 2.5 to Version 3.0 in March 2010. In order To solve this big problem and to improve the GAPES_MESO model, a comprehensive comparison between GRAPES_MESO and WRF is performed. The geographical static data, Kinetic energy spectrum, prediction precipitation, surface temperature are investigated for the two models. The soil type, land-use type and land-sea mask are identical, while the surface albedo and surface green vegetation fraction are obviously different. For the Kinetic energy spectrum,the capacity of the two models are equivalent in horizontal resolution of 10km and 30km, but the GRAPES_MESO's performance is worse than that of WRF in 15km horizontal resolution. The cumulus parameterization precipitation usually is over-predict, while the large scale precipitation is underestimated. The surface temperature in GRAPES_MESO is higher 2-4 degree than it in WRF. All these diagnosed result are very useful to improve the GRAPES_MESO.
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