5B.1 From Retail to Reinsurance: Applications of NOAA NCEI's Climate and Weather Data to Diverse Sectors

Tuesday, 9 January 2018: 10:30 AM
Room 6B (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Amanda Rycerz, Acclimatise, Asheville, NC

Why is satellite data worth billions of dollars to reinsurance companies? How is historical radar data used by airlines to make air travel safer? How can station data help corn growers achieve an optimal crop yield? Acclimatise and Global Science & Technology, Inc (GST) have produced a series of success stories that demonstrate how NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information’s (NCEI) climate and weather data supports economic and environmental decision-making in a changing climate.

Through a series of videos, infographics and case study reports, we demonstrate the power of communicating about climate services from the perspective of the end user. NCEI’s products and services, including in-situ, satellite and radar data, are brought to life by the stakeholders who benefit from them. Uncovering the surprisingly varied uses of NCEI’s climate and weather data, from reinsurance to retail planning, the stories give a clear sense of the value of climate services to the US economy.

Based on in-depth interviews with industry data users and a detailed review of relevant literature, the stories present uses for climate and weather data that were previously unknown to data providers. Clear evidence demonstrates the importance of free and publicly available climate and weather information to business and society.

Drawing on examples from the six success stories completed to date, we will share examples of how well-known companies have used NCEI’s products and services to bolster their bottom line and build resilience into their business model. The presentation addresses the distinct needs of sectors, and the various types of products and services most applicable to user groups. For example, you will learn why reinsurance companies are likely to require sophisticated tools and raw data, while retail companies may prefer more refined climate services.

In addition to presenting the outcomes of these studies, the presentation will provide insights into the value of success stories to communicate the importance of climate and weather data. We discuss the rationale of using varied communications products including non-technical reports, videos and infographics to address a range of audiences from policy-makers to the general public.

This session provides insights from a wide range of people in the climate data and services value chain – from the providers of information (i.e. NCEI), to solution providers, and ultimately end users. We welcome attendees interested in learning about sector-specific applications of climate data and services, and the value of using non-technical case studies as communications tools.

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