2.3 Making Impact-Based Information and Advice Impactful

Tuesday, 9 January 2018: 11:00 AM
Salon K (Hilton) (Austin, Texas)
Rebecca Hemingway, Met Office, Exeter, UK; and I. Lisk

The Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP) is a collaboration of 17 UK government departments, agencies and public sector research organisations. The NHP aims to be “The UK’s trusted voice for coordinated natural hazard advice.” The NHP is leading the way in moving from hazard-based information to a more impact-based approach to natural hazard risk leading to improve understanding of potential impacts resulting in more effective policies, communications and services for governments and the responder community across the UK. Partners’ expertise is used to develop products and services but the NHP also has a focus on engaging with the user community to better understand requirements. A number of workshops have been held both as standalone events and at other conferences posing a variety of questions and scenarios to attendees, who ranged from first responders to scientists. The focus was on participants’ understanding of impact information, how it is used and what could be done in the future to improve this or fill gaps. This presentation will present current NHP products and services, most of which are freely available on the NHP website, and provide an overview of the workshops run by the NHP to better understand user needs and impact perception.
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