673 NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory—An End-to-End Observational Science Enterprise

Tuesday, 9 January 2018
Exhibit Hall 3 (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Vanda Grubišić, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and B. Baeuerle, T. Hock, J. L. Stith, W. C. Lee, J. Ranson, A. Rockwell, and G. Stossmeister

Researchers who want to understand and describe the Earth System require high-quality observations of the atmosphere, ocean, and biosphere. Making these observations not only requires capable research platforms and state-of-the-art instrumentation but also benefits from comprehensive in-field project management and data services. NCAR’s Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) is an end-to-end observational science enterprise that provides leadership in observational research to scientists from universities, U.S. government agencies, and NCAR.

Deployment: EOL manages the majority of the NSF Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities, which includes research aircraft, radars, lidars, profilers, and surface and sounding systems. This suite is designed to address a wide range of Earth system science - from microscale to climate process studies and from the planet’s surface into the Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere. EOL offers scientific, technical, operational, and logistics support to small and large field campaigns across the globe.

Development: By working closely with the scientific community, EOL’s engineering and scientific staff actively develop the next generation of observing facilities, staying abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and applications in order to improve our measurement capabilities. Through our Design and Fabrication Services, we also offer high-level engineering and technical expertise, mechanical design, and fabrication to the atmospheric research community.

Data Services: EOL’s platforms and instruments collect unique datasets that must be validated, archived, and made available to the research community. EOL’s Data Management and Services deliver high-quality datasets and metadata in ways that are transparent, secure, and easily accessible. We are committed to the highest standard of data stewardship from collection to validation to archival.

Discovery: EOL promotes curiosity about Earth science, and fosters advanced understanding of the processes involved in observational research. Through EOL’s Education and Outreach Program, we strive to inspire and develop the next generation of observational scientists and engineers by offering a range of educational, experiential, and outreach opportunities, including engineering internships.

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