TJ9.4 On-Demand Analytics Products from GOES16 Data: An API to Deliver Webservices, Image Products, and Derivative Products

Thursday, 11 January 2018: 9:15 AM
Room 17A (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Amanda O'Connor, Harris Geospatial, Broomfield, CO; and W. Jiang

Data are coming fast and furious from NOAA’s GOES16 satellite and these data are being used for operational forecasts around the world. While data may be accessed from NOAA and other sources, Harris Geospatial is providing data access via its imagery marketplace. Data coming through this market place can be modified in a number of ways to create unique data products. These include:
  • Custom processing via the ENVI and IDL APIs on a hosted cloud platform, allowing users to create virtually any product desired that can then be offered as a webservice
  • Delivery of a predefined set of webservices for certain GOES16 products such as 3 color data composites and creating consumable JPGs and TIFFs
  • Data fusion options such as fusing wind and elevation datasets to create animations to visualize the impact of geography on weather phenomena
  • Creating standing data requests and enterprise processing tasks for certain geographic areas, weather events, dates etc.
  • Providing a method of extracting, projecting, and processing GOES16 products for on demand animations, indices, custom algorithms models with ENVI/IDL or for ingest with Python, R, ArcGIS Pro, and other languages and applications.

This talk will go through numerous ways GOES16 data can be exposed for further downstream forecasting, modeling, and vertical market use such as agriculture, utilities, transportation, etc.

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