Session 7B Climate Variations on Intraseasonal Time Scales

Tuesday, 9 January 2018: 1:30 PM-3:45 PM
616 AB (Hilton) (Austin, Texas)
Host: 31st Conference on Climate Variability and Change
Nathaniel C. Johnson, Princeton Univ., Princeton, NJ and Martin Puy, Institute for Geophysics, Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX

1:30 PM
Impacts of Madden–Julian Oscillation on Storm-Track Activity, Surface Air Temperature, and Precipitation over North America
Cheng Zheng, Stony Brook Univ., Stony Brook, NY; and E. K. M. Chang, H. M. Kim, M. Zhang, and W. Wang
1:45 PM
Climate Indexes and Intraseasonal Influences on Brazilian Natural Hydropower Energy
Patricia Diehl Madeira Sr., Climatempo Meteorologia, São Paulo, Brazil; and C. G. M. Ramos, B. Lobo, and A. J. D. N. Silva
2:15 PM
Relating the Morphology of Convection to ITCZ Extent
Kyle Robert Wodzicki, Texas A&M, College Station, TX; and A. D. Rapp
2:30 PM
Decadal Seasonal Shifts of Precipitation and Temperature in TRMM and AIRS Data
Andrey Savtchenko, NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and G. J. Huffman, D. Meyer, and B. Vollmer
2:45 PM
Transition to the Summer Convective Season in the Southeastern United States
Thomas M. Rickenbach, East Carolina Univ., Greenville, NC; and R. Nieto-Ferreira and H. Wells
3:00 PM
A Relationship between Lightning Flash Rate and Convective Variables on a Large-Scale Grid
Vinay Kumar, Texas A&M Univ., Corpus Christi, TX; and C. Liu

3:15 PM
Development of a Cold-Air Damming Index for Northern New England
Nicholas Strickland, Plymouth State Univ., Plymouth, NH; and E. G. Hoffman, L. B. Avilés, and S. T. K. Miller

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