Session 13A Testbeds, Models, and Data Assimilation to Enable and Accelerate the Transition of Research to Operations to End Users and to the Public in Weather, Water, or Climate Applications—Part III

Thursday, 11 January 2018: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 17A (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Host: Eighth Conference on Transition of Research to Operations
David Hermreck, NOAA/NESDIS/Office of Project Planning and Analysis, Silver Spring, MD; Kristin M. Calhoun, Univ. of Oklahoma/CIMMS and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK and Amanda Mitchell, Integrity Applications Inc., NOAA/NESDIS/OPPA/TPIO, Silver Spring, MD

1:30 PM
Automated Severe Thunderstorm Guidance from the NOAA/CIMSS ProbSevere Model within the Hazardous Weather Testbed
John L. Cintineo, CIMSS, Madison, WI; and M. J. Pavolonis, J. Sieglaff, C. D. Karstens, and K. M. Calhoun
1:45 PM
Integration of Automated Severe Weather Probabilistic Guidance within NWS Warnings in the Hazardous Weather Testbed
Kristin M. Calhoun, Univ. of Oklahoma/CIMMS and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK; and C. D. Karstens, J. L. Cintineo, J. Sieglaff, G. J. Stumpf, J. J. James, and C. Ling
2:00 PM
Objective Verification of Experimental Guidance in FFaIR and the WPC Watch Collaborator Forecast for the 2016–2017 Season
Joshua Kastman, CIRES, Boulder, CO; and B. Veenhuis Jr., B. Albright, S. Perfater, M. Klein, and J. A. Nelson Jr.
2:15 PM
The Community Leveraged Unified Ensemble in the 2017 NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Forecasting Experiment
Adam J. Clark, NSSL, Norman, OK; and I. L. Jirak, S. R. Dembek, S. J. Lin, L. M. Harris, M. J. Morin, R. M. Hepper, G. J. Creager, M. Xue, F. Kong, K. W. Thomas, K. Brewster, T. A. Supinie, Y. Jung, K. R. Fossell, J. Carley, G. Romine, B. T. Gallo, B. Roberts, A. R. Dean, D. A. Imy, C. R. Alexander, G. Manikin, J. S. Kain, S. J. Weiss, and R. A. Sobash
2:30 PM
2017 CAPS Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecasts for the Hydrometeorology Testbed FFaIR Experiment
Keith A. Brewster, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and F. Kong, N. Snook, T. A. Supinie, K. W. Thomas, and M. Xue
2:45 PM
Transitioning Research Innovations into the Operational Hurricane WRF Model
Kathryn M. Newman, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and M. K. Biswas, E. A. Kalina, E. Grell, J. Frimel, L. Carson, and L. R. Bernardet
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