2002 Annual

Sunday, 13 January 2002
AWIPS Aviation Workstation Program Documentation (Version 3.2)
Paul Kirkwood, NOAA/NWS, Fort Worth, TX; and D. Hotz
Poster PDF (282.2 kB)
The AWIPS Aviation Workstation (AAW) provides a full- function platform for the NWS aviation forecaster to produce, transmit and monitor TAFs and TWEBs. The program was designed to aid the aviation forecaster in monitoring TAF(s) by a visual interface. This visual interface, which resembles the PC RAVE program (developed by Tom Spriggs, WFO Saint Louis, MO with concepts and methodology by Monique Eme, WFO Gaylord, MI) provides the forecaster with user-friendly access to watch for possible TAF(s) amendments and corrections.

A quality control feature is also available in both the TAF and TWEB editors to check for proper coding of forecasts.

The AAW allows the forecaster, by a click of a button, to monitor, amend, correct and produce a full set of TAF(s) and TWEB(s) for backup sites. A transmit queue for both the TAFs and TWEBs is also available.

A preference button is available to allow individual forecasters to set his/her own Font and background/ foreground color styles in both the TAF and TWEB editors. An alert feature for when TAFs are due is also available under the preference button.

As of June 2001, nearly 50 national weather service forecast offices were using the AAW operationally to produce and monitor TAFs and TWEBs.

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