17TH Conference on Hydrology

Session 3

 Land-Atmosphere Interactions 2: Process Representation and Evaluation
 Organizer: Deborah K. Nykanen, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
1:30 PM3.1An Evaluation of a 30-year Land Surface Model Simulation using Observational Forcing  extended abstract
Hatim Sharif, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and W. Crow, N. L. Miller, K. E. Bashford, and E. F. Wood
1:45 PM3.2The interplay between vegetation evapotranspiration processes and the seasonal soil moisture evolution at the catchment scale  
Reto Stöckli, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland; and P. L. Vidale
2:00 PM3.3The water budget of Guemes Island  
Joost A. Businger, University of Washington, Anacortes, WA
2:15 PM3.4Evaluation of streamflow and snowpack simulations in the land surface models of the North American Land Data Assimilation (N-LDAS) Project  
Dag Lohmann, NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC, Suitland, MD; and K. Mitchell, P. R. Houser, E. F. Wood, J. Schaake, D. Lettenmaier, A. Robock, B. Cosgrove, M. Pan, Q. Duan, J. Sheffield, L. Luo, J. Meng, W. Higgins, R. Pinker, and D. Tarpley
2:30 PM3.5Land surface hydrology comparisons between the Viterbo and Beljaars land surface scheme and observations  extended abstract
Harald Richter, BMRC, Melbourne, Vic., Australia; and G. A. Mills, A. W. Western, R. B. Grayson, F. H. S. Chiew, and D. Wilson
2:45 PM3.6Percolation theoretical treatments of water retention and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity: Relevance to water and energy fluxes across land–air interface  extended abstract
Allen G. Hunt, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO
3:00 PMCoffee Break in exhibit hall (exhibits open 1:30–6:30 p.m.)  
3:30 PM3.7Evaluation of Three Topography-based Runoff Schemes in a Land Surface Model  
Guo-Yue Niu, University of Texas, Austin, TX; and Z. L. Yang
3:45 PM3.8Intercomparison of Soil Moisture Memory in Two Land Surface Models  
Sarith P. P. Mahanama, GEST and NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and R. D. Koster
4:00 PM3.9Upgrades to the unified Noah land-surface model in the operational NCEP mesoscale Eta model  
Michael Ek, NOAA/NWS/NCEP, Suitland, MD; and K. Mitchell, E. Rogers, T. Black, G. Gayno, F. Chen, and J. Kim
4:15 PM3.10An Evaluation of the NOAH Land Surface Model Implemented in the Global Land Data Assimilation System  
Kristi R. Arsenault, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Greenbelt, MD; and P. R. Houser, M. Rodell, U. Jambor, J. Gottschalck, J. Meng, B. Cosgrove, K. Mitchell, D. Lohmann, and M. Ek
4:30 PM3.11Testing and evaluation of potential evapotranspiration schemes for National Weather Service River Forecast System  extended abstract
Qingyun Duan, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD; and M. Smith and J. Schaake
4:45 PM3.12Two-Way Coupling of Crop-Climate Interactions in a Regional Climate Model  extended abstract
Eugene S. Takle, Iowa State University, Ames, IA; and Z. Pan and J. H. Christensen
5:00 PM3.13Seasonal Soil Moisture Prediction Using a Climate-Plant-Soil Coupled Agroecosystem Water Management Model  extended abstract
Z. Pan, Iowa State Univeristy, Ames, IA; and R. Horton, M. Segal, E. Takle, D. Herzmann, D. Todey, D. Flory, and J. Roads
5:15 PM3.14Assessing impact of interannual climate variations on water resources and crop productivity using CLIGEN and WEPP models  extended abstract
X.-C. John Zhang, USDA-ARS, El Reno, OK

Tuesday, 11 February 2003: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

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