83rd Annual

Monday, 10 February 2003: 10:45 AM
The Evansville New Generation radar: the latest in the evolutionary chain of NWS S-Band Radar
James J. Stagliano Jr., Enterprise Electronics Corp., Enterprise, AL; and J. Helvin, J. Brock, P. Siebold, and D. Nelson
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In 2001, the National Weather Services requested proposals for a NEXRAD system now installed in Evansville, Indiana. The result was a new species of S-band weather radar using the latest technology derived from 40 years of S-band development. With its modern technology, the New Generation represents a quantum leap in performance and reliability in weather radar systems. In this paper, we dissect the New Generation radar and compare it to its progenitors. Finally, we end the paper with glimpses of the revolutionary future for S-band weather radar.

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