83rd Annual

Session 2: Radar IIPS and Applications

Monday, 10 February 2003: 9:00 AM-12:15 PM
Organizers:  Robert G. Borchers, SAIC; Douglas E. Forsyth, NOAA/NSSL; Anderson White, University of Oklahoma and Robert E. Saffle, NOAA/NWS
  9:00 AM
Report of the NRC Committee on Weather Radar Technology Beyond NEXRAD
Paul L. Smith, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD

Poster PDF (140.5 kB)
  9:30 AM
NEXRAD Product Improvement—Status of WSR-88D Open Radar Data Acquisition (ORDA) Program
Gregory S. Cate, NOAA/NWS, Norman, OK; and R. W. Hall and M. L. Terry

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  9:45 AM
ORPG review: Clustering, database and system management
Zhongqi Jing, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and S. Smith and M. Jain

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  10:00 AM
  10:15 AM
The Evansville New Generation radar: the latest in the evolutionary chain of NWS S-Band Radar
James J. Stagliano Jr., Enterprise Electronics Corp., Enterprise, AL; and J. Helvin, J. Brock, P. Siebold, and D. Nelson

Poster PDF (635.9 kB)
  10:30 AM
The Joint Polarization Experiment—An Overview of Initial Data Collection with a Polarimetric WSR-88D Radar
Terry J. Schuur, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK; and D. S. Zrnic and R. E. Saffle

Poster PDF (194.4 kB)
  10:45 AM
Evaluation of polarimetric Capability on the Research WSR-88D
Valery M. Melnikov, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and D. S. Zrnic, J. K. Carter, A. V. Ryzhkov, and R. J. Doviak

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  11:00 AM
Building the National Weather Radar Testbed (Phased-Array)
Douglas E. Forsyth, NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK; and J. F. Kimpel, D. S. Zrnic, R. Ferek, J. F. Heimmer, T. McNellis, J. E. Crain, A. M. Shapiro, J. D. Belville, and W. Benner

Poster PDF (29.5 kB)
  11:15 AM
Radar control architecture for the National Weather Radar Testbed
Sheldon L. Katz, Lockheed Martin NE&SS—Surface Systems, Moorestown, NJ; and J. V. Melody, T. Maese, T. W. Hodge, W. Sabin, V. Chekalin, C. Savcak, J. Halenar, and W. Hock

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  11:30 AM
Coffee Break in Poster Session Room

  12:00 PM
Lunch Break