11th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography

Poster Session 3

 Operational Applications (Continued)
 Organizer: Thomas F. Lee, NRL, Monterey, CA
 P3.33Atmospheric Instability Parameters Derived from MSG SEVIRI Observations  extended abstract
Marianne Koenig, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, , Germany; and S. A. Tjemkes and J. Kerkmann
 P3.34Assessing the Quality and Utility of Higher Resolution GOES Sounder Retrievals  
Gary E. Gray, Raytheon, Lanham, MD; and J. Daniels
 P3.35An assessment of the temporal value of retrieved parameters from the GOES sounder  
Robert M. Aune, NOAA/NESDIS/ORA, Madison, WI; and R. Petersen
 P3.36Case studies using hourly real-time GOES Sounder ozone estimates  extended abstract
Christopher C. Schmidt, CIMSS/University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and J. Li and A. J. Wimmers
 P3.37A Validation Study of the GOES Sounder Cloud Top Pressure Product  extended abstract
James A. Hawkinson, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin and NOAA/NESDIS/ORA, Madison, WI; and W. Feltz, T. J. Schmit, A. J. Schreiner, and S. A. Ackerman
 P3.38Is the resolution of GOES sounder data sufficient to support single field of view retrievals and derived products?  extended abstract
Gail M. Bayler, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and S. Wetzel-Seemann, J. Li, and T. J. Schmit
 P3.39An Analysis of Pre-tornadic Low-level Moisture-Flux Convergence and the Utility of GOES and GIFTS Sounder Data  
Ralph A. Petersen, NOAA/NWS/NCEP, Camp Springs,, MD; and W. F. Feltz and H. -. L. Huang
 P3.40An evaluation of several years of CIMSS and NESDIS GOES Sounder data  extended abstract
James P. Nelson III, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and T. J. Schmit and W. P. Menzel
P3.41A Summary of Satellite Data Usage in the NWS Western Region  
Kevin J. Schrab, NOAA/NWS, Salt Lake City, UT
 P3.42Use of ATOVS and SSMI observations at Météo-France  
Florence Rabier, Météo-France, Toulouse, France; and E. Gérard, Z. Sahlaoui, M. Dahoui, and R. Randriamampianina
 P3.43Application of NOAA Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) Derived Rain Rates to Synoptic Events over the United States  
Ralph Ferraro, NOAA/NESDIS, Camp Springs, MD; and P. Pellegrino, F. Weng, and L. Zhao
 P3.44A physically-based Algorithm to Derive Surface Rainfall Rate Using Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-B (AMSU-B) Measurements  
Limin Zhao, NOAA/NESDIS/ORA, Camp Spring, MD; and F. Weng and R. Ferraro
 P3.45Improvements to the experimental Tropical Rainfall Potential (TRaP) technique  extended abstract
Stanley Q. Kidder, CIRA/Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, CO; and S. J. Kusselson, J. A. Knaff, and R. J. Kuligowski
 P3.46Validation of GOES precipitation estimates over Central America  
Rosario Alfaro, NOAA/NESDIS/ORA, Camp Springs, MD; and R. A. Scofield
 P3.47The NESDIS satellite QPE verification program  
Robert J. Kuligowski, NOAA/NESDIS/ORA, Camp Springs, MD; and S. Qiu, R. A. Scofield, and A. Gruber
 P3.48The Satellite Imagery Display and Analysis System at Air Force Weather Agency  
Charles R. Holliday, Air Force Weather Agency, Offutt AFB, NE; and M. D. Conner
 P3.49Meandering Sea Surface Temperature of April 2001  
Serge Hagan-Deschamps, MSC, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
 P3.50Findings from the pre-assimilation of GOES imager channels  extended abstract
Louis Garand, MSC, Dorval, PQ, Canada; and N. Wagneur
 P3.51VALIDATION OF GOES-11 DATA  extended abstract
Xiangqian Wu, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and T. J. Schmit
 P3.52Life cycle of convective activity in terms of cloud type observed by split window  extended abstract
Toshiro Inoue, MRI, Tsukuba, Irabaki, Japan; and X. Wu and K. Bessho
 P3.53Observations of a Severe Supercell Thunderstorm on 24 July 2000 using GOES-11 Sounder and Imagery  
John F. Weaver, NOAA/NESDIS, Ft. Collins, CO; and J. A. Knaff, D. Bikos, J. M. Daniels, and G. S. Wade
 P3.54A Cloud Model Interpretation of the Enhanced V and Other Signatures atop Severe Thunderstorms  extended abstract
Pao K. Wang, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and H. M. Lin, S. Natali, S. Bachmeier, and R. Rabin
 P3.55A Satellite Perspective of the Pine Lake, Alberta Tornado Event  extended abstract
A. Scott Bachmeier, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and J. P. Nelson III
 P3.56MCS development within continental-scale elongated dry filaments in GOES water vapor images  extended abstract
Edward I. Tollerud, NOAA/FSL, Boulder, CO; and F. Caracena, A. Marroquin, S. E. Koch, J. L. Moody, and A. Wimmers
 P3.57Operational Cloud Detection in GOES Imagery  extended abstract
Gary J. Jedlovec, NASA/MSFC, Huntsville, AL; and K. Laws
 P3.58A satellite diagnostic of global convection  extended abstract
Frederick R. Mosher, NOAA/NWS/Aviation Weather Center, Kansas City, MO
 P3.59Validation of a new global operational cloud analysis at AFWA  
Gary B. Gustafson, AER, Lexington, MA; and D. C. Peduzzi
 P3.60Derived cloud products from the GOES-M Imager  extended abstract
Anthony J. Schreiner, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and T. J. Schmit
 P3.61Upper tropospheric moisture assimilation using GOES observations  
William H. Raymond, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and G. S. Wade
 P3.62Future Satellite Initiatives at Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center  
Charles E. Skupniewicz, FNMOC, Monterey, CA; and J. Cornelius, J. Haferman, J. Vermeulen, and Y. Wang

Tuesday, 16 October 2001: 2:15 PM-4:00 PM

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