Poster Session 1 Poster Session 1

Tuesday, 14 July 2020: 2:00 PM-3:15 PM
Virtual Meeting Room
Host: 19th Conference on Mountain Meteorology

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Colorado's Thunderstorm Climatology
Stephen J. Hodanish, NOAA/NWS, Pueblo, CO; and B. Vogt

Handout (2.9 MB)

Quantifying Snowfall from Orographic Cloud Seeding
Katja Friedrich, Univ. of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO; and K. Ikeda, S. A. Tessendorf, J. R. French, R. M. Rauber, B. Geerts, L. Xue, R. Rasmussen, D. Blestrud, M. L. Kunkel, and N. Dawson

Handout (2.6 MB)

The Tern Nest: Simulating MCS Propagation Across the Great Plains
Brian J. Billings, Doane University, Lincoln, NE

Orographic Spillover and Invigoration of Lake-Effect Precipitation Downwind of Lake Ontario
Julie A Cunningham, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and J. Steenburgh

Characteristics and Processes of Wintertime Precipitation over West Tasmania
Luis Ackermann, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, Clayton, VIC, Australia; Monash University, Clayton, VIC, Australia; and Y. Huang, A. Gevorgyan, S. T. Siems, and M. J. Manton
Manuscript (177.8 kB)

Impact of Mountain Waves on the Spatio-Temporal Development of the Boundary-Layer over Corsica
Norbert Kalthoff, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany; and B. Adler and I. Bischoff-Gauß

Handout (5.5 MB)

Winter Operation of Three Co-located Hotplate Precipitation Sensors
Samuel A Marlow, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY; and S. Fuller, M. Burkhart, and J. R. Snider

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Observational Analysis of the SALLJ During the RELAMPAGO Campaign
Clayton RS Sasaki, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA; and A. K. Rowe, L. A. McMurdie, J. O. Piersante, and K. L. Rasmussen

Processes Controlling the Location of Convection Initiation over Complex Terrain in a Sheared, Conditionally Unstable Environment
Itinderjot Singh, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL; and S. W. Nesbitt and C. A. Davis

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