Poster Session 1 Poster I: Data Assimilation and OSSEs

Monday, 7 January 2019: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Hall 4 (Phoenix Convention Center - West and North Buildings)
Host: 23rd Conference on Integrated Observing and Assimilation Systems for the Atmosphere, Oceans, and Land Surface (IOAS-AOLS)

Poster I: Data Assimilation and OSSEs

The Data Assimilation Research Testbed (DART): Ensemble Data Assimilation for NCAR Community Earth System Models
Jeffrey Anderson, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and N. Collins, M. El Gharamti, A. Fox, S. Ha, J. Hendricks, T. Hoar, J. Liang, J. McCreight, A. Mizzi, N. Pedatella, K. Raeder, A. Rafieeinasab, J. H. Richter, C. P. Riedel, G. Romine, and J. Tribbia

Identifying Information Needs to Improve NOAA Services for Blue Economy and Weather Research and Innovation Act Priorities
Joseph Conran, Riverside Technology, Inc., Silver Spring, MD; and A. Pratt, L. Cantrell Jr., B. Priest, D. Helms, and J. Goldstein

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Assimilation of Polar Winds data in a HRRRAK-Like model
Jiang Zhu, Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK; and D. Morton, E. Stevens, M. Hu, T. Alcott, and J. C. pace

Assimilation of Refractivity from Clutter to Improve Forecasts of Atmospheric Electromagnetic Propagation Conditions near the Ocean Surface
Qingyun Zhao, NRL, Monterey, CA; and T. Holt, T. Haack, C. M. Amerault, L. Xu, N. D. Gordon, and T. Rogers

Assimilation of GPM Retrieved Surface Meteorology Variables with ICE-POP Case Studies
Xuanli Li, Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville, AL; and J. Srikishen, J. B. Roberts, W. A. Petersen, J. L. Case, and C. Hain

Improve Surface Temperature Assimilation in Complex Terrain Areas for the Three-Dimensional Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA_3D)
Guoqing Ge, CIRES and NOAA/ESRL/GSD, Boulder, CO; and M. Hu, T. T. Ladwig, S. Weygandt, S. Benjamin, C. Alexander, J. Carley, and A. M. Gibbs

Improve GSI Analysis for Surface Observation in Complex Terrain Area through Hybrid Analysis with Climate HRRRE Ensemble Perturbations
Ming Hu, NOAA/ESRL/GSD and CIRES/Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and D. C. Dowell, S. Weygandt, C. R. Alexander, S. Benjamin, and J. R. Carley

An Examination of the Historical Observing System Simulation Experiment Methodology
Daniel P. Tyndall, NRL, Monterey, CA; and N. L. Baker and C. M. Amerault

Initial Validation of the New ECMWF Cubic Octahedral Nature Run (ECO1280)
Tanya R. Peevey, CIRES/Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and S. Malardel, P. Maciel, R. N. Hoffman, L. Cucurull, L. Isaksen, N. Wedi, and R. Atlas

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Assimilation of Real and Simulated Conventional Observations into GFS 4DEnVar: An OSE/OSSE Assessment
Sean P.F. Casey, Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies, Miami, FL; and L. Cucurull, R. Atlas, R. N. Hoffman, and R. Li

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