Author Index - The 22nd Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/18th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction (25-29 June 2007) (Park City, UT)

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Adamson, S.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Addison, V. C., Jr.22WAF18NWPJ1.3
Ahijevych, D. A.22WAF18NWP10A.1, 10A.2, 9A.4
Aksoy, A.22WAF18NWP1B.6
Albers, S.22WAF18NWPP1.41
Aligo, E. A.22WAF18NWPP2.17
Alliss, R.22WAF18NWP8A.8
Amburn, S. A.22WAF18NWPP1.11, 9A.3A
Amerault, C. M.22WAF18NWP2A.1
Ancell, B. C.22WAF18NWP11A.4
Anderson, C. J.22WAF18NWP9A.2
Anderson, G. C.22WAF18NWPP1.34
Anderson, J.22WAF18NWP8B.1, J4.4, 4B.1
Anderson, L.22WAF18NWPP1.35, 4A.5
Andersson, E.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Andrews, J.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Ansorge, A. J.22WAF18NWPP2.26
Archambault, H. M.22WAF18NWP12A.6
Arnott, J. M.22WAF18NWP3A.5
Astling, E. G.22WAF18NWPP1.26
Atallah, E.22WAF18NWP12A.1, 12A.2
Baars, J. A.22WAF18NWPJ4.3
Baker, C. M.22WAF18NWPP1.15
Baker, N.22WAF18NWP8A.2
Baker, N. L.22WAF18NWP2B.1
Baldwin, M. E.22WAF18NWP3B.5
Ball, D.22WAF18NWP6A.5
Bao, J.-W.22WAF18NWP10B.6, 3A.1
Barjenbruch, D.22WAF18NWP2A.5, 2A.6
Barker, D. M.22WAF18NWP5B.2, 5B.3
Barnes, L. R.22WAF18NWPP1.7
Basu, S.22WAF18NWPP2.24, P2.27
Baum, M. L.22WAF18NWPJ2.3
Becker, A. E.22WAF18NWPP2.13
Bell, C.22WAF18NWP2A.4
Bell, W.22WAF18NWP8A.2
Benight, C.22WAF18NWPP1.7
Benjamin, S.22WAF18NWPP1.33, J3.4, 4A.1, 4A.5, 4A.6, 10B.6
Benjamin, S. G.22WAF18NWP4A.2, 4A.3, 4A.4, P2.5, 1B.7, 5B.4
Berg, R.22WAF18NWP6A.4
Bernardet, L. R.22WAF18NWP4A.1, 5B.4, 2A.2
Bhate, S.22WAF18NWP7A.2, 13A.4
Billet, J. A.22WAF18NWPP1.40
Birchard, T.22WAF18NWP6A.4
Bishop, C. H.22WAF18NWP13B.5A, 7B.4, 7B.5
Black, T.22WAF18NWPJ3.1, 5B.6
Black, T. L.22WAF18NWPJ3.2
Blankenship, C.22WAF18NWP2B.1, 8A.2
Bleck, R.22WAF18NWP10B.6
Blier, W.22WAF18NWP5A.8
Blottman, P. F.22WAF18NWP11A.1
Bosart, L. F.22WAF18NWP7A.6, P2.16, 1A.2, 1A.8, 12A.1, 12A.2, 12A.6, 12A.7, 12A.8, 5A.5, 5A.7
Boustead, J. M.22WAF18NWPP2.20, P2.47
Boyne, J. S.22WAF18NWPP2.48
Bradshaw, J. T.22WAF18NWPP1.4
Bray, J.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Brennan, M. J.22WAF18NWP13A.5, 8A.4
Brewster, K.22WAF18NWP3B.1
Brewster, K. A.22WAF18NWP1B.1
Brieger, L.22WAF18NWP7B.6
Bright, D.22WAF18NWP3B.2
Bright, D. R.22WAF18NWP3B.1, 3B.5, 6B.4, 11A.2
Brooks, H.22WAF18NWP12B.2
Brotzge, J.22WAF18NWP1B.1
Brotzge, J. A.22WAF18NWPP1.46
Brown, B.22WAF18NWP9A.4
Brown, B. G.22WAF18NWP10A.1, 10A.2, 12B.2
Brown, J.22WAF18NWP5B.4, 2A.2
Brown, J. M.22WAF18NWPJ3.4, 4A.1, 4A.6, 10B.6
Brundage, K. J.22WAF18NWPJ3.4
Bryan, G. H.22WAF18NWPP2.29
Bua, W.22WAF18NWP2A.5
Bua, W. R.22WAF18NWPP1.5
Bullock, R.22WAF18NWP10A.2
Burger, M.22WAF18NWPP1.19
Byerle, L. A.22WAF18NWP10A.5
Campbell, B.22WAF18NWP2B.1
Campbell, W. F.22WAF18NWP8A.2, 7B.5
Cannon, J. W.22WAF18NWPP2.39, 5A.3, 3A.7A
Cao, Q.22WAF18NWP10B.3
Capehart, W. J.22WAF18NWPP1.43, P1.47
Caracena, F.22WAF18NWPP1.21
Cassell, C. M.22WAF18NWPP2.23
Chang, S. W.22WAF18NWPJ1.3
Charles, M.22WAF18NWP6B.3
Charney, J. J.22WAF18NWPP1.28
Chen, F.22WAF18NWP11B.2, 11B.5
Chen, S.22WAF18NWPJ3.3, 13A.3
Chen, T.-C.22WAF18NWPP2.25
Chen, Y.22WAF18NWP13A.1
Chua, B.22WAF18NWP2B.4
Chuang, H.-Y.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 3B.7, 5B.6
Ciliberti (Presenter), C.22WAF18NWPP1.19
Clark, A. J.22WAF18NWP6B.5, P2.25, P2.26
Clark, J.22WAF18NWP6A.4
Cobb, H. D., III22WAF18NWP8A.4
Cogil, C.22WAF18NWPP2.48
Colby, F. P., Jr.22WAF18NWP7A.8
Colin, L. R.22WAF18NWPP2.36
Collander, R. S.22WAF18NWP4A.1, 4A.4
Colle, B. A.22WAF18NWPP1.29A, 3B.4, 6B.3, 3A.2
Collins, N.22WAF18NWPJ4.4
Collins, W. G.22WAF18NWPP2.41
Colman, B.22WAF18NWPP1.35, 4A.5
Coniglio, M. C.22WAF18NWP3B.1, 3B.2, 3B.3, 11A.2
Cook, A. R.22WAF18NWP7A.3
Cook, J.22WAF18NWPP2.1, 1B.2
Cope, A. M.22WAF18NWP5A.4
Copeland, J. H.22WAF18NWPP2.29
Corbin, J.22WAF18NWP7A.2
Cordeira, J. M.22WAF18NWP1A.8
Correia, J., Jr.22WAF18NWPP2.26
Cote, M. R.22WAF18NWP5A.5
Croci-Maspoli, M.22WAF18NWP1A.1
Czyzyk, S.22WAF18NWP2A.4
Daines, S.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Daniel Dawson, D.22WAF18NWP10B.3
Davies, H. C.22WAF18NWP13B.2, 1A.1, 5A.1
Davis, C.22WAF18NWP9B.2, 9A.4
Davis, C. A.22WAF18NWP10A.2
Dawson, D. T., II22WAF18NWP10B.2
DelSole, T. M.22WAF18NWP8B.4
Demetriades, N. W. S.22WAF18NWPP1.18
Demirci, O.22WAF18NWP12A.5
Deng, A.22WAF18NWPJ4.1, 3B.6, 11A.5, 11A.6
De Pondeca, M.22WAF18NWPP1.32
De Pondeca, M. S. F. V.22WAF18NWP4A.5
Derber, J. C.22WAF18NWP4A.5
Dettinger, M. D.22WAF18NWP1A.5
Devenyi, D.22WAF18NWPJ3.4, 4A.2, 12B.5
DeVoir, G. A.22WAF18NWPP1.14
Dimego, G.22WAF18NWP3B.7
DiMego, G.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 11B.3, P1.32, P1.35, 4A.5, 6B.2, 8A.6, 5B.6
Dismachek, D.22WAF18NWPP2.1
Dixon, M.22WAF18NWP7A.1
Dixon, P. G.22WAF18NWP7A.2
Dobek, J.22WAF18NWPJ4.1
Dong, J.22WAF18NWPP1.42
Doody, M. L.22WAF18NWP1A.2
Dotson, B.22WAF18NWP1A.7
Dowell, D. C.22WAF18NWP3B.3, 1B.6
Doyle, J.22WAF18NWP13A.3
Doyle, J. D.22WAF18NWPP1.38, J3.3, 2A.1
Drag, W.22WAF18NWP5A.3
Dreher, J. G.22WAF18NWP13A.6
Drobot, S. D.22WAF18NWPP1.7
Droegemeier, K.22WAF18NWPP1.42
Droegemeier, K. K.22WAF18NWP3B.1, 3B.5
Drogemeier, K. K.22WAF18NWP7A.3
Du, J.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 11B.3, 3B.1, 3B.2, 3B.7, 6B.2, 6B.4, 8A.6, 11A.2
Dudhia, J.22WAF18NWPP2.24, P2.27, 5B.2, 2A.2
Durran, D.22WAF18NWP2A.3
Dyer, J. L.22WAF18NWPP2.7
Ebert, E.22WAF18NWP10A.6, 9A.4
Emmitt, G. D.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Engel, C.22WAF18NWP10A.6
Errico, R.22WAF18NWP2B.3, 12B.5
Etherton, B. J.22WAF18NWP7B.6
Evans, M.22WAF18NWP3A.5
Eyre, J. R.22WAF18NWP8A.3
Ferrier, B.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 6B.4
Fitzpatrick, P. J.22WAF18NWP7A.2, P2.7, 13A.4, 1B.5
Flatau, M. K.22WAF18NWPJ1.4
Forsythe, J.22WAF18NWPP2.42
Foster, S.22WAF18NWPP1.48
Fowler, T.22WAF18NWP10A.1, 5B.4
Fox, M.22WAF18NWPP1.4
Fox, N. I.22WAF18NWP9A.5, 9A.6
Franks, C. L.22WAF18NWPP1.43
Frederick, J. M.22WAF18NWPP1.11, 9A.3A
Fritz, B. K.22WAF18NWPP1.48
Frost, M.22WAF18NWPP2.1, 1B.2
Galarneau, T. J., Jr.22WAF18NWP5A.7
Galli, C.22WAF18NWPP1.39
Gallus, W. A., Jr.22WAF18NWP6B.5, P2.17, P2.25, P2.37, 5B.5
Ganderton, P.22WAF18NWP12B.2
Gao, J.22WAF18NWP2B.6, P1.44
Gayno, G.22WAF18NWP11B.3
Ge, G.22WAF18NWP2B.6
Geiszler, D. A.22WAF18NWPP2.1
Gibbs, A. M.22WAF18NWPJ4.1
Gibbs, J. A.22WAF18NWPP2.28
Gilleland, E.22WAF18NWP10A.1, 10A.2, 9A.4
Gilmore, W. T.22WAF18NWP9A.6
Gneiting, T.22WAF18NWPJ4.3
Goerss, J.22WAF18NWP2B.1, 2B.4
Goerss, J. S.22WAF18NWP8A.1
Goldberg, M. D.22WAF18NWPP2.44, P2.45
Graham, R.22WAF18NWPP1.17, 1A.4
Greco, S.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Green, G. D.22WAF18NWPP1.31
Greenwald, T.22WAF18NWPP2.32
Grell, G. A.22WAF18NWPJ3.4, 4A.1
Greybush, S. J.22WAF18NWP11A.3
Grumm, R.22WAF18NWPP1.17, P2.49, 3A.5
Grumm, R. H.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, P1.14, 1A.4, 5A.2, 5A.3
Gruntfest, E.22WAF18NWPP1.7, J2.2
Grzywacz, J. M.22WAF18NWPP2.46
Gunshor, M. M.22WAF18NWPP2.45
Guo, J.22WAF18NWP2B.3
Guo, Y.-R.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Gurka, J. J.22WAF18NWPP2.44, P2.45
Guyer, J. L.22WAF18NWPP2.18
Gyakum, J. R.22WAF18NWP12A.1, 12A.2
Hacker, J.22WAF18NWP7B.7
Hacker, J. P.22WAF18NWP8B.7, 11B.4, 13B.4, 2B.2, P2.29
Hahmann, A.22WAF18NWP11B.5
Hahmann, A. N.22WAF18NWP11B.2
Hakim, G. J.22WAF18NWP13B.3
Halley Gotway, J. E.22WAF18NWP10A.1, 10A.2
Hamilton, R. S.22WAF18NWP3A.6
Hanes, S.22WAF18NWPP1.20
Hanna, J.22WAF18NWPP2.43
Hansen, J.22WAF18NWP8B.8, J1.4
Hara, T.22WAF18NWPJ3.5
Harasti, P. R.22WAF18NWP1B.2
Harrop, C. W.22WAF18NWP4A.1
Hart, R. E.22WAF18NWP1A.3
Haupt, S. E.22WAF18NWP11A.3, 7B.2
Hayden, M. H.22WAF18NWPP1.7
Hayes, P.22WAF18NWP11A.6
Henderson, J. M.22WAF18NWPP2.39
Henderson, T.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Hilderbrand, D.22WAF18NWP6A.3A
Hill, C. M.22WAF18NWP7A.2, 13A.4, 1B.5
Hirschberg, P. A.22WAF18NWP6A.3A
Hjelmfelt, M. R.22WAF18NWPP1.43, P1.47
Hoar, T.22WAF18NWPJ4.4
Hodur, R.22WAF18NWPJ3.3, 13A.3
Hodyss, D.22WAF18NWP7B.4, 7B.5
Hoeth, B.22WAF18NWP11A.1
Hoffmann, W. C.22WAF18NWPP1.48
Hogan, T. F.22WAF18NWP11B.1, J1.4
Holland, L.22WAF18NWP10A.1, 10A.2, 9A.4
Holle, R. L.22WAF18NWPP1.18
Holmes, R.22WAF18NWP5A.2
Holt, T.22WAF18NWPJ3.3
Holt, T. R.22WAF18NWP11B.7
Hondl, K.22WAF18NWPP1.46
Hopson, T. M.22WAF18NWP13B.4
Horel, J.22WAF18NWPP1.37
Horel, J. D.22WAF18NWPP1.35, P1.39, 4A.5
Hosenfeld, N.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Hu, M.22WAF18NWP4A.2, P2.5, 1B.4
Huang, W.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Huang, X.-Y.22WAF18NWPP2.4, 5B.2, 5B.3
Hunter, G. K.22WAF18NWPJ4.1, 11A.5, 11A.6
Iredell, M.22WAF18NWPJ3.1
Jackson, J.22WAF18NWPP2.18
Jackson, R.22WAF18NWPP1.23
James, J.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Jamison, B.22WAF18NWP2A.2
Jamison, B. D.22WAF18NWP4A.3, 4A.4
Janjic, Z.22WAF18NWPJ3.2, 5B.6
Janjic, Z. I.22WAF18NWP6B.4, 11A.2
Jankov, I.22WAF18NWP3A.1, 7B.1
Jascourt, S. D.22WAF18NWPP1.5, P2.30, 2A.5
Jeon, E.-H.22WAF18NWPP2.10
Jiang, Q.22WAF18NWPP1.38, 2A.1
Jin, H.22WAF18NWPP1.38
Jin, Y.22WAF18NWPJ3.3, 13A.3, 12A.3, 1B.2
Johns, R. H.22WAF18NWP7A.9
Johnson, R. H.22WAF18NWP9B.5
Jones, L.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Joo, S.-W.22WAF18NWPP2.4
Jovic, D.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 3B.7
Juang, H.22WAF18NWPJ4.2
Juang, H.-M. H.22WAF18NWPJ3.1, 10B.5A
Jung, Y.22WAF18NWP1B.8
Jurewicz, M. L., Sr.22WAF18NWP5A.5
Jusem, J. -. C.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Kahler, C.22WAF18NWPP1.23, P1.36
Kain, J. S.22WAF18NWP3B.1, 3B.2, 3B.5, 6B.4, 11A.2
Kalnay, E.22WAF18NWP8B.2, 13B.1
Keighton, S. J.22WAF18NWPP2.18
Kemp, E. M.22WAF18NWP8A.8
Kent, J.22WAF18NWPP2.1
Keyser, D.22WAF18NWP7A.6, P1.28, 1A.2, 12A.6, 12A.7, 5A.5
Kidder, S. Q.22WAF18NWPP2.42
Kim, D.-J.22WAF18NWPP2.10
Kim, J.-W.22WAF18NWPP2.4
Kim, O.-Y.22WAF18NWPP1.41, P2.6
Kim, Y.-J.22WAF18NWPJ1.4
Kimball, A. R.22WAF18NWPP1.40
Kirkwood, P.22WAF18NWPP1.4
Klein, J. R.22WAF18NWP12A.7
Kleist, D.22WAF18NWP2B.3
Klemmer, C. L.22WAF18NWPP1.27
Klemp, J.22WAF18NWP9B.2
Klemp, J. B.22WAF18NWP5B.1
Knabb, R. D.22WAF18NWP13A.5, 8A.4
Knievel, J. C.22WAF18NWPP2.29
Knox, J. A.22WAF18NWP3A.3
Koch, S.22WAF18NWP2A.2
Koch, S. E.22WAF18NWPP2.14, P2.33, 2A.6
Koh, T.-Y.22WAF18NWP7A.4
Kolczynski, W. C., Jr.22WAF18NWP7B.2
Koleiny, A.22WAF18NWP9A.6
Komori, T.22WAF18NWPJ1.5
Kong, F.22WAF18NWP7A.3, 3B.1, 3B.2
Kowal, L.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Krebs, J.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Krippner, S.22WAF18NWPP1.26
Kuo, Y.-H.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Kusselson, S. J.22WAF18NWPP2.42
Lack, S. A.22WAF18NWP9A.5, 9A.6
Lackmann, D. G.22WAF18NWP3A.4
Lackmann, G.22WAF18NWPP2.23
Lackmann, G. M.22WAF18NWP7A.5
Lane, T. P.22WAF18NWP10A.6
Langland, R.22WAF18NWP2B.1, J1.4
Lau, E.22WAF18NWPP1.19
Lau, Y.22WAF18NWP7A.2, 13A.4
Lazo, J.22WAF18NWP12B.2
Lee, H.-S.22WAF18NWPP2.4, P2.10
Lee, J.-L.22WAF18NWP10B.6
Lefaivre, L.22WAF18NWP12B.3
Lei, L.22WAF18NWP8B.5
Leveson, I.22WAF18NWP6A.3A
Levit, J. J.22WAF18NWP3B.5, 6B.4, 11A.2
Li, H.22WAF18NWP8B.2
Li, J.22WAF18NWPP2.44, P2.45
Li, X.22WAF18NWPP2.40, 12A.4
Li, Y.22WAF18NWPP2.7, 13A.4, 1B.5
Liang, A., Sr.22WAF18NWP8A.7
Liang, X.22WAF18NWP13A.2
Lim, E.22WAF18NWPP2.7, 1B.5
Limpert, G. L.22WAF18NWP9A.6
Lin, H.-C.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Lin, Y.22WAF18NWP3B.4
Liou, C.-S.22WAF18NWPJ3.3, 13A.3
Liu, E.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Liu, H.22WAF18NWPJ4.4, 9B.3
Liu, J.22WAF18NWP13B.1
Liu, M.22WAF18NWPP1.45, P2.9
Liu, S.22WAF18NWP1B.3
Liu, Y.22WAF18NWP11B.2, 11B.5, 13B.4, P2.8, 7B.7
Locatelli, J. D.22WAF18NWP10B.1
Lord, S.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Lorenc, A. C.22WAF18NWP5B.3
Loughe, A.22WAF18NWP5B.4
Love, G.22WAF18NWPP2.1
Lu, C.22WAF18NWPP1.41, 6B.2, P2.6, P2.14, P2.22, P2.33
Lu, H.22WAF18NWP6B.1A, 1B.3
Lundquist, J. D.22WAF18NWP1A.5
Lupo, A. R.22WAF18NWPP2.13
Lussky, G. R.22WAF18NWPP2.48
Lutz, B.22WAF18NWPP1.19
Lynn, B. H.22WAF18NWP5B.7
Ma, G., Sr.22WAF18NWP2B.5
Ma, Z.22WAF18NWP5B.2
MacDonald, A. E.22WAF18NWP10B.6
Mahoney, K.22WAF18NWPP2.23
Mahoney, K. M.22WAF18NWP7A.5
Malcolm, A. J.22WAF18NWPJ3.6
Manikin, G.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 5B.6
Manikin, G. S.22WAF18NWPP1.32, J3.4, 4A.5, 4A.6
Mann, G.22WAF18NWP4A.6
Mann, G. E.22WAF18NWPP1.35
Manning, K.22WAF18NWP9B.2
Manobianco, J.22WAF18NWP13A.6
Manousos, P.22WAF18NWPJ4.2
Market, P.22WAF18NWPP2.13
Market, P. S.22WAF18NWPP1.18
Marseille, G.-J.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Martin, W. J.22WAF18NWP9B.6
Martinez, D.22WAF18NWPP2.1
Martius, O.22WAF18NWP13B.2, 5A.1
Mass, C.22WAF18NWPJ4.3, 1A.7
Mass, C. F.22WAF18NWP10A.4, 11A.4
Masutani, M.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Maue, R. N.22WAF18NWP1A.3
Mayes, B. E.22WAF18NWPP2.47, P2.48
Mazur, R. J.22WAF18NWPP2.19
McCarthy, D.22WAF18NWPJ2.4
McCarthy, P. J.22WAF18NWPP1.6, P2.38, 6A.5
McConaughy, G.22WAF18NWP12B.5
McCormick, H.22WAF18NWP10B.1
McCoy, R. C.22WAF18NWPP2.28
McDermid, L. N.22WAF18NWPP2.1
McDonald, B. E.22WAF18NWPP1.15
McGavock, J. B.22WAF18NWPP1.11
McGinley, J. A.22WAF18NWPP1.41, 6B.2, P2.6, P2.14, P2.22, P2.33, 7B.1
Mcginley, J. A.22WAF18NWP9A.2
McLay, J. G.22WAF18NWP13B.5A, J1.4, 7B.5
McMurdie, L. A.22WAF18NWP10A.3, 10A.4
McPherson, R.22WAF18NWPJ2.1
Mcqueen, J.22WAF18NWP8A.6
McQueen, J.22WAF18NWPJ4.2
McQueen, J. T.22WAF18NWP3B.7
McTaggart-Cowan, R. J.22WAF18NWP12A.1, 12A.2
Meisner, B. N.22WAF18NWPP1.22
Melick, C. J.22WAF18NWPP2.13
Meng, Z.22WAF18NWP8B.6, 13A.1
Metz, N. D.22WAF18NWPP2.16
Michalakes, J.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Micheas, A.22WAF18NWP9A.5
Middlecoeff, J.22WAF18NWP10B.6
Milbrandt, J. A.22WAF18NWP10B.2
Miller, N.22WAF18NWP9A.6
Miller, R. J.22WAF18NWP6A.1A
Miller, S. D.22WAF18NWP8A.5
Mills, B.22WAF18NWP12B.2
Min, K.-H.22WAF18NWP11B.8
Miranda, J.22WAF18NWP9A.6
Mitchell, K. E.22WAF18NWP11B.3
Mitrescu, C.22WAF18NWP8A.5
Moninger, W. R.22WAF18NWPP1.33, 4A.3, 4A.4
Montoya Gaviria, G. D. J.22WAF18NWPP1.1
Moon, S.-O.22WAF18NWPP2.10
Moore, D. M.22WAF18NWP6A.1A
Morss, R.22WAF18NWP12B.2
Myrick, D.22WAF18NWPP1.36, 9A.1
Nachamkin, J.22WAF18NWPJ3.3
Nachamkin, J. E.22WAF18NWPP2.9, 8A.5
Nai, K.22WAF18NWP1B.3
Nance, L.22WAF18NWP5B.4
Nance, L. B.22WAF18NWP4A.1
Neiman, P. J.22WAF18NWP1A.5, 3A.1
Neu, T. J.22WAF18NWPP2.1
Neuman, C.22WAF18NWPP1.25
Nietfeld, D.22WAF18NWPP2.20
Niziol, T.22WAF18NWP3A.6
Noble, S.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Nogues-Paegle, J. E.22WAF18NWP10A.5
Noonan, G.22WAF18NWP5B.4
Nordquist, M. K.22WAF18NWPP1.19
Norquist, D. C.22WAF18NWP11A.8
Norte, F. A.22WAF18NWPP1.3
Novak, D. R.22WAF18NWPP1.29A, 3A.2
Nutter, P.22WAF18NWPP1.9
Oh, J.-H.22WAF18NWPP1.41, P2.6
Oien, N.22WAF18NWP7A.1
Oliver, M.22WAF18NWPP1.4
Olsen, B.22WAF18NWPP1.37, P1.39
Olsen, M. A.22WAF18NWPP2.37
Olson, M.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Opperman, N.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Otkin, J. A.22WAF18NWPP2.32
Otto, D.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Paegle, J.22WAF18NWP10A.5
Parish, D.22WAF18NWP2B.3
Park, S.-Y.22WAF18NWPP1.32
Parrish, D.22WAF18NWP1B.3
Parrish, D. F.22WAF18NWPP1.32, 4A.5
Parsons, D.22WAF18NWP12B.1
Patrick, G. R.22WAF18NWPP1.20
Pauley, P.22WAF18NWP2B.1
Pauley, P. M.22WAF18NWP8A.1
Pauley, R. L.22WAF18NWP2B.1, 8A.1
Payne, J.22WAF18NWP3B.4
Pechmann, J.22WAF18NWPP1.39
Peckham, S.22WAF18NWPJ3.4
Peng, M. S.22WAF18NWP12A.3, J1.4
Peters, J. L.22WAF18NWPP2.18
Pettegrew, B.22WAF18NWPP1.18, P2.13
Pfeifer, M.22WAF18NWP5B.5
Phegley, L.22WAF18NWPP2.1
Phillips, C.22WAF18NWP7A.1
Pielke, R. A., Sr.22WAF18NWP2A.5
Piltz, S. F.22WAF18NWPP1.11
Pinto, J.22WAF18NWP7A.1
Pomeroy, K.22WAF18NWP9A.1
Potts, S.22WAF18NWPP2.1, 1B.2
Poulos, G.22WAF18NWP2A.5
Printy, M.22WAF18NWPP1.13
Prive, N.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Pu, Z.22WAF18NWP8B.3, P2.40, 12A.4
Purcell, W.22WAF18NWP6A.5
Purser, R. J.22WAF18NWPP1.32, 4A.5
Pyle, M.22WAF18NWP6B.4, 11A.2, 5B.6
Qiu, C. J.22WAF18NWPP2.2
Rabin, R. M.22WAF18NWPP2.43
Raeder, K.22WAF18NWPJ4.4
Raftery, A. E.22WAF18NWPJ4.3
Ralph, F. M.22WAF18NWP1A.5
Randall, D. A.22WAF18NWP10B.4A
Rasmussen, R.22WAF18NWP7A.1
Reale, O.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Reinecke, P. A.22WAF18NWP2A.3
Renkevens, T. M.22WAF18NWPP2.45
Reynolds, C. A.22WAF18NWP13B.5A, J1.4, 2A.1
Rhome, J. R.22WAF18NWP13A.5
Ridout, J. A.22WAF18NWPJ1.4
Rife, D. L.22WAF18NWP11B.4
Riishojgaard, L. P.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Ritchie, E.22WAF18NWP12A.5
Robertson, L. R.22WAF18NWP5A.4
Rogers, E.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 5B.6
Rosengaus, M.22WAF18NWP12B.3
Rosmond, T.22WAF18NWP2B.1, 2B.4
Rostkier-Edelstein, D.22WAF18NWP2B.2
Roth, D.22WAF18NWP6A.4
Roulstone, I.22WAF18NWP8A.3
Rudd, A. C.22WAF18NWP8A.3
Ruiz, J. J.22WAF18NWP10A.5
Runk, K.22WAF18NWPP1.16
Ruston, B.22WAF18NWP2B.1, 8A.2
Ryrholm, R. S.22WAF18NWPP2.48
Sahm, S. R.22WAF18NWPP1.33
Santos, P.22WAF18NWPP1.30
Sashegyi, K.22WAF18NWP2B.1, J3.3
Saulo, A. C.22WAF18NWP10A.5
Schlatter, T. W.22WAF18NWPJ3.4, 4A.2, 4A.3, 4A.4, 12B.5
Schmidt, J.22WAF18NWPJ3.3
Schmidt, J. M.22WAF18NWP13A.3, 8A.5
Schmit, T. J.22WAF18NWPP2.44, P2.45
Schnetzler, A.22WAF18NWP9A.6
Schrab, K. J.22WAF18NWPP2.44, P2.45
Schultz, D. M.22WAF18NWP7A.7, P1.7, 3A.3
Schultz, J. A.22WAF18NWPP1.22
Schultz, P.22WAF18NWP6B.2, P2.14, P2.22, P2.33, 3A.1, 7B.8
Schumacher, P. N.22WAF18NWPP2.20
Schumacher, R. S.22WAF18NWP3A.3, 9B.5
Schwartz, B.22WAF18NWP4A.4
Schwartz, C. S.22WAF18NWP3B.5
Schwierz, C.22WAF18NWP13B.2, 5A.1
Seaman, M. P.22WAF18NWP7A.9, P2.34
Seaman, N. L.22WAF18NWP3B.6
Sestak, M.22WAF18NWP7B.3
Shadbolt, R. P.22WAF18NWPP1.28
Shafer, J. C.22WAF18NWPP1.24, 1A.6
Shao, A. M.22WAF18NWPP2.2
Silberberg, S.22WAF18NWPJ4.2
Skamarock, W. C.22WAF18NWP9B.2
Smirnova, T. G.22WAF18NWPJ3.4, 4A.1, 5B.4
Smith, L. A.22WAF18NWPP2.50
Smith, L. L.22WAF18NWPP2.13
Smith, T. L.22WAF18NWPP1.33, J3.4, 4A.3, 4A.4
Snyder, C.22WAF18NWP1B.6, 5B.3
Son, J.-H.22WAF18NWPP2.10
Song, Y.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Srock, A. F.22WAF18NWP12A.8
St. Jean, D. P.22WAF18NWPP2.39
Staten, P.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Stauffer, D. R.22WAF18NWP8B.5, J4.1, 3B.6, 11A.5, 11A.6, 7B.2
Steenburgh, W. J.22WAF18NWPP1.23, P1.24, P1.25, 1A.6
Steiner, M.22WAF18NWP7A.1
Stensrud, D.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 11A.2
Stern, H.22WAF18NWPP1.12
Stoelinga, M. T.22WAF18NWP10B.1
Stoffelen, A.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Storm, B. A.22WAF18NWPP2.24, P2.27
Straka, J. M.22WAF18NWP1B.8
Strassberg, G.22WAF18NWPP1.30
Stuart, N. A.22WAF18NWPP2.49, 5A.3
Su, J. C.22WAF18NWP6A.6
Sun, H.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Sun, J.22WAF18NWPP2.7, 1B.5
Sun, W.-Y.22WAF18NWP11B.8
Sutkevich, K.22WAF18NWPP1.26
Sutula, A.22WAF18NWP9A.1
Swadley, S. D.22WAF18NWP8A.2
Swerdlin, S.22WAF18NWP7B.7
Sykes, I.22WAF18NWP3B.6
Szoke, E.22WAF18NWP2A.5, 2A.6
Szoke, E. J.22WAF18NWP4A.3, 4A.4
Tardy, A. O.22WAF18NWPP2.12
Teixeira, J.22WAF18NWP13B.5A
Terry, J.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Thien, L.22WAF18NWPP2.37
Thomas, K. W.22WAF18NWP3B.1, 3B.2, 1B.1
Thomas, S. J.22WAF18NWP8B.7
Tietze, K.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Tinklepaugh, K.22WAF18NWPJ4.1, 11A.6
Tissot, P.22WAF18NWPP2.41
Todling, R.22WAF18NWP2B.3
Tollerud, E.22WAF18NWPP2.14
Tollerud, E. I.22WAF18NWPP1.21, P2.22, P2.33, 9A.2
Tong, M.22WAF18NWP9B.4
Torn, R. D.22WAF18NWP13B.3
Toth, Z.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 11B.3, 6B.2, 12B.3, 12B.4, 12B.5
Toy, M. D.22WAF18NWP10B.4A
Tracton, S.22WAF18NWPJ4.2
Tsidulko, M.22WAF18NWP3B.7
Tyo, J. S.22WAF18NWP12A.5
Uccellini, L.22WAF18NWPJ1.2
Vallee, D. R.22WAF18NWP12A.7
Van Cleave, D.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Vandemark, D.22WAF18NWPP2.39
Van Peursem, K.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Verzella, L.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Viale, M.22WAF18NWPP1.3
Vinogradova, N.22WAF18NWPP2.39
Vonder Haar, T. H.22WAF18NWPP2.19
Vukicevic, T.22WAF18NWP7B.1
Walker, A. L.22WAF18NWPP1.45
Walker, B. E.22WAF18NWP7A.8
Wall, C.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Walter, J. C.22WAF18NWP5A.6
Wandishin, M. S.22WAF18NWP3B.1
Wang, D.22WAF18NWP13A.2
Wang, J.22WAF18NWP10B.5A
Wang, N.22WAF18NWP10B.6
Wang, S.22WAF18NWPJ3.3, P2.9, 13A.3
Wang, W.22WAF18NWP9B.2
Wang, X.22WAF18NWP5B.3
Wang, Y.22WAF18NWP3B.1, 3B.2, 1B.1
Warner, T.22WAF18NWP11B.2, 11B.5, P2.8, 7B.7
Wasula, T.22WAF18NWP7A.6
Watson, L. R.22WAF18NWP11A.1
Weatherhead, B.22WAF18NWP5B.4
Weaver, J. F.22WAF18NWPP2.19
Weber, D.22WAF18NWP3B.1, 3B.2, 3B.5, 1B.1
Wedam, G.22WAF18NWP10A.4
Wei, L.22WAF18NWP6B.1A, P2.2, 1B.3
Weinrich, J. A.22WAF18NWPP1.13
Weisman, M.22WAF18NWP7A.1, 3B.5
Weisman, M. L.22WAF18NWP6B.4, 11A.2, 9B.2
Weiss, C. C.22WAF18NWP7A.7
Weiss, S. J.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 3B.1, 3B.2, 3B.5, 6B.4, 11A.2
Weng, Y.22WAF18NWP13A.1
Wesley, D. A.22WAF18NWPP1.5, 2A.5, 2A.6
West, G.22WAF18NWPP1.23, P1.24
West, G. L.22WAF18NWPP1.25
Westerman, K.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Westphal, D. L.22WAF18NWPP1.45, P2.9
Wetenkamp, J. R., Jr.22WAF18NWPP1.47
Weygandt, S. S.22WAF18NWPJ3.4, 4A.2, P2.5, 12B.5, 1B.7
Whiteman, C. D.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Wick, G.22WAF18NWP1A.5
Wicker, L. J.22WAF18NWP3B.3
Wilson, P.22WAF18NWP7A.6
Witsaman, P. G.22WAF18NWPP1.48
Wolf, R. A.22WAF18NWPP2.20
Won, D.-J.22WAF18NWP5B.2
Wood, S. A.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Woods, C.22WAF18NWP6A.3A
Woollen, J. S.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Wu, W.22WAF18NWP11B.5
Wu, W.-S.22WAF18NWP4A.5
Xiao, Q.22WAF18NWPP2.7, 13A.4, 1B.5, 5B.2
Xie, Y.22WAF18NWP12B.5
Xu, J.22WAF18NWP11A.7
Xu, L.22WAF18NWP2B.1, 2B.4
Xu, M.22WAF18NWP7B.7
Xu, Q.22WAF18NWP6B.1A, P2.2, 1B.2, 1B.3
Xue, M.22WAF18NWPP1.42, P1.44, 3B.1, 3B.2, 6B.4, P2.5, 10B.2, 10B.3, 1B.1, 1B.4, 1B.8, 11A.2, 9B.3, 9B.4, 9B.6
Yang, R.22WAF18NWP2B.3, 12B.5
Yang, W.-Y.22WAF18NWPJ3.1
Yang, X.22WAF18NWP8B.4
Yau, M. K.22WAF18NWP10B.2
Yi, L.22WAF18NWP7A.4
Young, G. S.22WAF18NWP11A.3
Yu, W.22WAF18NWPP2.8
Yuan, H.22WAF18NWP6B.2, P2.14, P2.22, P2.33, 9A.2
Yuter, S. E.22WAF18NWP3B.4, 3A.2
Zaccheo, T. S.22WAF18NWPP2.39
Zaff, D.22WAF18NWP3A.6
Zeitler, J. W.22WAF18NWPP1.4, P1.34, P1.48
Zhang, F.22WAF18NWP8B.6, 8B.8, 13A.1
Zhang, G.22WAF18NWP10B.2, 10B.3, 1B.8
Zhang, M.22WAF18NWP8B.8
Zhang, P.22WAF18NWP1B.3
Zhang, Q., Sr.22WAF18NWP8A.7
Zhang, X.22WAF18NWP5B.2, 5B.2
Zhang, Z.22WAF18NWP8A.7
Zhao, K.22WAF18NWP13A.2
Zhao, Q.22WAF18NWP6B.1A, P2.1, 1B.2
Zhao, Y.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Zhong, S.22WAF18NWPP1.23
Zhou, B.22WAF18NWPJ4.2, 3B.7, 6B.2, 8A.6
Zhu, Y.22WAF18NWP12B.3, 12B.4
Zielonka, J. R.22WAF18NWPJ4.1, 11A.6