Poster Session 8 Numerical Modeling

Tuesday, 17 April 2018: 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Champions DEFGH (Sawgrass Marriott)
Host: 33rd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

This session will contain all posters for Numerical modeling, including preferred posters and posters from preferred orals where there was not enough room in oral sessions.

Large Eddy Simulations of Hurricane Intensification
Stephen R. Guimond, UMBC/NASA, Greenbelt, MD; and S. Sroka
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Global 7km Mesh Nonhydrostatic Model Intercomparison Project for Improving TYphoon Forecast (TYMIP-G7): Joaquin (2015) and Lionrock (2016) Cases
Masuo Nakano, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Yokohama, Japan; and A. Wada, H. Yoshimura, and R. Onishi

Impact of Revisions to RRTMG Cloudy Radiative Transfer on Tropical Cyclone Evolution in HWRF
John M Henderson, AER, Lexington, MA; and M. J. Iacono, M. K. Biswas, E. Kalina, K. M. Newman, B. Liu, Z. Zhang, E. Grell, L. R. Bernardet, L. Carson, and J. Frimel

Handout (5.4 MB)

A New Coupled Ocean-Wave-Atmosphere Model Designed for Tropical Storm Studies in the SW Indian Ocean Basin
Joris Pianezze, LACY (UMR 8105), Saint-Denis, France; and C. Barthe, S. Bielli, P. Tulet, S. Jullien, G. Cambon, O. Bousquet, M. Clayes, and E. Cordier

Verification of Multi-Model Ensemble Forecasts for North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Nicholas Leonardo, Stony Brook University - SUNY, Stony Brook, NY; and B. A. Colle

Poster 86 has been moved. New paper number is 10B.7A

Improving the Use of Dropsondes for NOAA Operations: HWRF Vortex-Scale Data Assimilation Applications
Henry Winterbottom, NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC, Camp Springs, MD; and J. A. Sippel, A. Mehra, and V. Tallapragada

Performance of MPAS for Tropical Cyclone Prediction in 2016 and 2017 Seasons
Wei Wang, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and D. Ahijevych, C. Davis, and B. Skamarock

Handout (5.0 MB)

Sensitivity of HWRF Simulations to Parameter Variations in the Grell-Freitas Convection Scheme
Evelyn D. Grell, CIRES/ESRL/PSD, DTC, Boulder, CO; and M. K. Biswas, G. A. Grell, E. Kalina, K. M. Newman, L. R. Bernardet, L. Carson, and J. Frimel

Fostering Community Involvement in the Advancement of Physical Parameterizations for the NCEP Global Model
Ligia Bernardet, CU/CIRES at NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory/Global Systems Division and Developmental Testbed Center, Boulder, CO; and G. J. Firl, L. Nance, B. Kuo, V. Tallapragada, M. Farrar, F. Toepfer, and G. A. Grell

Probabilistic Forecasts of Cyclone-induced Hazards within SPICY Project
Hubert Quetelard, Météo-France, Sainte Clotilde, France; and F. Bonnardot, S. Lecacheux, and M. D. Leroux

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