Session 3A Advances in Satellite Observations for Earth Science and Observing Technologies—Part I

Monday, 8 January 2018: 2:00 PM-4:15 PM
615 AB (Hilton) (Austin, Texas)
Host: Eighth Conference on Transition of Research to Operations
Bjorn H. Lambrigtsen, JPL/California Institute of Technology, Earth and Space Sciences Division, Pasadena, CA and Thomas Pagano, JPL/California Institute of Technology, AIRS Project, Pasadena, CA

2:15 PM
DopplerScatt Instrument Concept for Simultaneous Measurements of Ocean Surface Vector Winds and Currents
Dragana Perkovic-Martin, ; and T. Gal, R. Rodriguez Monje, F. Nicaise, E. Rodriguez, K. Srinivasan, B. W. Stiles, and A. G. Wineteer
2:30 PM
Observing Ice Clouds with Microwave-IR Polarimetric Radiometry: SWIRP Development
Dong L. Wu, NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and M. Vega, W. Deal, R. Chipman, and P. Yang

2:45 PM
Compact Midwave Imaging System (CMIS) for Near-Real-Time Cloud Sensing
Michael A. Kelly, Applied Physics Laboratory/The Johns Hopkins Univ., Laurel, MD; and D. L. Wu, J. H. Yee, J. D. Boldt, A. C. Goldberg, J. P. Wilson, C. A. Hibbitts, and A. Heidinger

3:15 PM
Enabling Technology Transforms a Prototype GNSS Interferometric Reflectometry (GNSS-IR) System to Global Operation
Angelyn W. Moore, JPL, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA; and S. Hardman, C. Wong, S. Owen, D. Freeborn, K. M. Larson, and E. E. Small
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
A Next Generation Strategy for Weather Forecasting: Extending Observation Into the Upper Atmosphere
L. L. Gordley, GATS, Inc., Newport News, VA; and B. T. Marshall, D. C. Fritts, R. Lachance, and J. Fisher
4:00 PM
Chasing the Shadows with the VIIRS Day/Night Band
Steven D. Miller, CIRA/Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, CO; and W. C. Straka III, C. J. Seaman, C. L. Combs, A. K. Heidinger, A. Walther, and J. E. Solbrig
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