Poster Session Posters Wednesday

Wednesday, 20 August 2014: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Aviary Ballroom (Catamaran Resort Hotel)
Host: 16th Conference on Mountain Meteorology

Using a Quadcopter as a Near-Surface Observing Platform
Christopher S. Foster, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and A. A. Jacques, M. Lammers, and J. D. Horel

Wind Data Visualization in 3D Google Earth
Giap D. Huynh, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD; and Y. Wang

Boundary Layer Structures Associated With High Winter Ozone Concentrations in the Uintah Basin
Brian Blaylock, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and J. D. Horel, E. T. Crosman, and J. S. Young

A Climatological Study of Atmospheric Icing at Nanyue Mountain
Jianming Zhang, Hunan Province Meteorological Bureau, Changsha, China; and X. Li

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Characteristics of Easterly-induced Snowfall and its Relationship to East Sea-Effect in Yeongdong of Korea
Byung-Gon Kim, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Gangneung, Korea, Republic of (South); and H. G. Nam, S. O. Han, and J. C. Park

Contrasting turbulent heat fluxes at two snow covered mountainous sites
J. P. Conway, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada; and W. D. Helgason and J. W. Pomeroy

Surface Energy Balance Observations during MATERHORN
Sebastian W. Hoch, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and D. D. Jensen, E. R. Pardyjak, and H. J. S. Fernando

Predicting live herbaceous moisture from soil moisture and a drought index in the mountainous areas
Yang Cao, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; and R. G. Fovell

Handout (14.1 MB)

Intense Snowfall Rates over West-Central Colorado during a 2014 Winter Storm
Matthew D. Aleksa, NOAA/NWS, Grand Junction, CO; and J. Ramey and M. P. Meyers

Island cloud tails
Daniel J. Kirshbaum, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

The evolution of convective storms initiated by an isolated mountain ridge
Daniel J. Kirshbaum, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada; and B. Soderholm and B. Ronalds

Wintertime Supercooled Liquid Water Observations Over the Snowy Mountains of Australia by Synoptic Type
Luke Osburn, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia; and S. Siems, T. H. Chubb, and M. Manton

How will orographic precipitation respond to surface warming? An idealized thermodynamic perspective
Nicholas T. Siler, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; and G. H. Roe

Orographic precipitation in the New Zealand Southern Alps: New insight from a recent field campaign
Campbell D. Watson, IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY; and A. D. Nugent, C. G. Kruse, A. Takeishi, and R. B. Smith

Snowbands associated with standing waves in Colorado snowstorms
Russ S. Schumacher, CSU, Ft. Collins, CO; and S. Rutledge and P. Kennedy

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Validation of WRF Microphysics for Winter Storms Impacting the Complex Terrain of Northern California
David E. Kingsmill, Boulder, CO; and I. Jankov, E. Grell, L. S. Wharton, S. A. Michelson, and B. Ferrier

Comparing the skill of precipitation forecasts from high resolution simulations and statistically downscaled products in the Australian Snowy Mountains
Thomas H. Chubb, Monash Univ., Monash University, VIC, Australia; and J. Dai, Y. Huang, S. Siems, and M. Manton

An Ensemble Concept that May Reduce the Inherent Dry Bias in Complex Terrain
Paul Frisbie, NOAA/NWSFO, Grand Junction, CO; and B. Moyer and M. P. Meyers

Convective orographic precipitation in sheared flow: a conceptual model
Luca Panziera, University of Trento, Trento, Italy; and U. Germann and C. N. James

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Forecast Sensitivity of Waves and Submeso Motions to Initialization Strategy and PBL Physics in the Stable Boundary Layer
Astrid Suarez, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA; and D. R. Stauffer and B. Gaudet
Manuscript (1.5 MB)

A sub-km-grid mini-ensemble for representing meso-gamma hazard-prediction uncertainty in complex terrain
Eric Wendoloski, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA; and D. R. Stauffer, G. Hunter, and A. Suarez
Manuscript (3.2 MB)

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Turbulence anisotropy in complex terrain compared to open terrain
Cheryl Klipp, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD

Predicting diurnal rainfall in Taiwan by the CFS out to 20 days
Shih-Yu Wang Wang, Utah State University, Logan, UT; and R. Gillies and H. H. Chia

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