Poster Session 2 Observing Systems and their Applications

Wednesday, 13 January 2016: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Hall D/E ( New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center)
Host: 20th Conference on Integrated Observing and Assimilation Systems for the Atmosphere, Oceans, and Land Surface (IOAS-AOLS)

Sensitivity of Surface Analyses to Mobile Observations
John D. Horel, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and X. Dong

Analysis of Hurricanes Using Long-Range Lightning Detection Networks
Benjamin Trabing, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and J. Knaff

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Comparison of the Lightning Observations with the National Radar Reflectivity Mosaic
Jing He, China Meteorological Administration, Beijing, China; and S. Liu, G. DiMego, and X. Liang

AIRS/CrIS Sounding Profile Data Improves the Short-term Weather Forecast of Alaska
Jiang Zhu, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK; and E. Stevens, T. Heinrichs, J. Cherry, and C. Dierking

Examination of Tropical Cyclone Structure Through Synthetic Satellite Brightness Temperatures
Kate D. Musgrave, CIRA/Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, CO; and J. A. Knaff, C. J. Slocum, L. D. Grasso, and M. DeMaria

Enhanced Observations of Rainfall Rates on Pacific Ocean TAO Buoys
Dawn C. Petraitis, NOAA/NWS, Stennis Space Center, MS; and K. Grissom, R. Beets, and D. Pounder

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Evolution of the TAO Data Analyst
Daniel Pounder, Pacific Architects and Engineers/National Data Buoy Center, Stennis Space Center, MS; and M. G. Winterkorn and D. C. Petraitis

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Impact of halving the number of Russian radiosonde reports
Bruce Ingleby, ECMWF, Reading, United Kingdom; and M. Rodwell and L. Isaksen

Arctic Sea Ice: Snow Depth Distributions Over Variable Ice Types
Marissa Dattler, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; and S. L. Farrell and T. Newman

Evaluating the Impact of the Summit Station, Greenland Radiosonde Program on Science and Forecast Services
Carlos J. Martinez, NOAA/Texas A&M University, College Station, TX; and S. Starkweather, C. J. Cox, M. Shupe, and A. Solomon

Automated Cloud Detection and Classification of Ground-Based Hemispheric Sky Images
Jessica M. Kleiss, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR; and T. J. Wagner and L. M. Garrett

An Integrated Modeling, Observing and Visualization System for the Sutdy of the Ecology of Lake George in the Jefferson Project
Anthony P. Praino, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY; and E. Dow, H. Kolar, L. Treinish, J. Cipriani, M. Henderson, M. Kelly, R. Kubich, F. Liu, F. O'Donncha, M. Passow, E. Ragnoli, L. Villa Real, and C. Watson

Using In-Situ Seismic Measurements to Model the Velocity Structure of Subsurface Aquifers in Southeast Greenland
Lynn N. Montgomery, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; and N. Schmerr, L. S. Koenig, C. Miège, A. Legchenko, D. K. Solomon, O. Miller, and R. Forster

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