12th Symposium on Meteorological Observations and Instrumentation

Poster Session 1

 P1.1A new reference radiosonde for precise upper air measurements  
William H. Bauman III, Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc, Turners Falls, MA; and W. M. Stein and M. C. Beaubien
 P1.2The Importance of Recording Pre-launch Radiosonde Data  extended abstract
Kathryn Beierle, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and J. Wang and E. Chamberlain
 P1.3Developing a model for transitioning radiosondes in the NWS upper air network  extended abstract
Joseph Facundo, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD
 P1.4Intercomparison of three sounding techniques employed during the EPIC2001 field program  extended abstract
Allen J. Schanot, NCAR, Boulder, CO
 P1.5Flying into Typhoon Haiyan with UAV Aerosonde  extended abstract
Po-Hsiung Lin, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan; and C. S. Lee, T. C. Yen, and H. C. Lee
 P1.6Completing instrument metadata and adjusting biases in the radiosonde record to allow determination of global precipitable water trends  extended abstract
Steven R. Schroeder, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
 P1.7The Impact of Nearby Structures and Trees on Sigma Theta Measurements  extended abstract
Thomas E. Bellinger, Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, Springfield, IL
 P1.8A comparison of winds measured by a 915 MHz wind profiling radar and a Doppler lidar  extended abstract
William J. Shaw, PNNL, Richland, WA; and L. S. Darby and R. M. Banta
 P1.9Rainfall Estimates over South America  
Galdino V. Mota, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and E. Zipser and B. Xi
 P1.10Observations of the meteorology of two Nevada basins  extended abstract
Stephen A. Cohn, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and J. Hallett, J. Lewis, and W. O. J. Brown
 P1.11The Oklahoma Mesonet's Skin Temperature Network  extended abstract
Chris Fiebrich, Oklahoma Climatological Survey, Norman, OK; and J. E. Martinez, J. L. Brotzge, and J. M. Basara
 P1.12A station density strategy for the United States Climate Reference Network (USCRN)  extended abstract
Michael J. Janis, Southeast Regional Climate Center, Columbia, SC; and K. G. Hubbard and K. T. Redmond
 P1.13Development of a climatological database for dryland agricultural research  extended abstract
H. Scott Oviatt, USDA/ARS, Pendleton, OR
 P1.14A comparison of fractional cloud cover determinations by a sky imager with visual estimations by trained National Weather Service observers  
Gary B. Hodges, CIRES/Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and J. A. Augustine
 P1.15Adopting a statewide surface meteorological network for developing a hands-On instrumentation course at North Carolina State University  extended abstract
Dev dutta S. Niyogi, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC; and V. K. Saxena
 P1.16Calibration issues using impact disdrometers for calibration of Doppler radar profilers  extended abstract
Wallace L. Clark, NOAA/AL, Boulder, CO; and K. S. Gage, D. A. Carter, C. R. Williams, P. E. Johnston, and A. Tokay
 P1.17Comprehensive Relationship between Atmospheric-Land Surface Interaction for Energy, Water Vapor fluxes over Tropical Asian Monsoon Environment  extended abstract
Toda Motomu, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki, Japan; and N. Ohte, Y. Kosugi, and T. Watanabe
 P1.18Operation of a Mobile Wind Profiler in Severe Clutter Environments  extended abstract
J. R. Jordan, ETL/NOAA, Boulder, CO; and J. L. Leach and D. E. Wolfe
 P1.19Multi-instrument wind comparisons from the EPIC 2001 field experiment  
Michelle N. Ryan, Science & Technology Corporation, Boulder, CO; and D. E. Wolfe and J. Intrieri
 P1.20A new data acquisition system for the U.S. Army FM-CW radar: still a great way to see half-meter resolution  extended abstract
Scott A. McLaughlin, Applied Technologies, Inc., Longmont, CO
 P1.21Development and evaluation of an extensive calibration procedure for UV filter radiometers  extended abstract
Alexander Los, Kipp & Zonen BV, Delft, Netherlands
 P1.22A new automated method of MFRSR-based optical depth analysis  extended abstract
John A. Augustine, NOAA/ARL, Boulder, CO; and C. I. Medina
 P1.23Total wind—a new approach for airport wind field analysis  extended abstract
Juhani A Polvinen, Vaisala OYJ, Helsinki, Finland
 P1.24A Quick Deployment Airfield Automated Weather Display System  
Timothy Edward Parker, Coastal Environmental Systems, Seattle, WA
 P1.25A rapid meteorological response capability for emergency management  
Mark C. Beaubien, Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc, Turners Falls, MA; and W. H. Bauman and D. C. Sautter
P1.26Comparison of Wind Speed Data at Two Nearby Sites Using Different Measurement Systems  
Eldewins M. Haynes, Duke Energy Corporation, Charlotte, NC
Elizabeth A. Boll, AFRL, Kirtland AFB, NM; and R. J. Lefevre and S. A. Early

Monday, 10 February 2003: 2:30 PM

* - Indicates paper has been withdrawn from meeting

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