18th Conference on Weather and Forecasting, 14th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction, and Ninth Conference on Mesoscale Processes

Poster Session 4: Poster Session - Instruments and Data Collection—with Coffee Break

Wednesday, 1 August 2001: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Organizer:  John McGinley, NOAA/ERL/FSL
Developments in the correction of radiosonde relative humidity biases at The Met Office
Martin C. Sharpe, Met Office, Bracknell, Berks., United Kingdom; and B. Macpherson

Poster PDF (72.6 kB)
Assimilating satellite wind, moisture, and temperature for numerical forecast improvements during the PACific landfalling JETs (PACJET) experiment
John R. Mecikalski, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and C. S. Velden, M. C. Morgan, D. Kleist, D. Stettner, K. Goodstein, H. M. Kim, and B. Baum

Poster PDF (997.4 kB)
Assimilation of GOES rapid-Scan winds into an experimental ETA model during Hurricane Keith
Howard I. Berger, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and C. S. Velden

Poster PDF (72.4 kB)
GWINDEX—GOES rapid-scan WINDs EXperiment: Applications for west coast forecasting
Christopher S. Velden, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and D. Stettner

Poster PDF (309.7 kB)
Assimilation of rapid-scan satellite cloud motion vectors into the RUC model in support of the PACJET experiment
Stephen S. Weygandt, NOAA/FSL, Boulder, CO; and S. G. Benjamin and C. S. Velden

Poster PDF (407.3 kB)
Impact of GMS-5 and GOES-9 Satellite-Derived Winds on the Prediction of a NORPEX Extratropical Cyclone
Qingnong Xiao, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; and X. Zou, M. Pondeca, M. A. Shapiro, and C. S. Velden

Poster PDF (1005.3 kB)
Use/impact of NESDIS GOES wind data within an operational mesoscale FDDA system
Jennifer M. Cram, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and J. Daniels, W. Bresky, Y. Liu, S. Low-Nam, and R. S. Sheu


Poster PDF (155.2 kB)
Utilization of satellite scatterometer wind measurements and NEXRAD precipitation data to improve regional ocean forecasts
David E. Weissman, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY; and J. S. Tongue, M. A. Bourassa, and L. A. Bliven

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Assimilation of QuikScat winds in MM5 model for track and intensity prediction of Bay of Bengal tropical cyclones

Assimilation of radar data for 1–4 hour snowband forecasting using a mesoscale model
Mei Xu, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and N. A. Crook, J. Sun, and R. Rasmussen

Initialization of a hurricane vortex with single-Doppler radar data
Jin-Luen Lee, NOAA/OAR/FSL, Boulder, CO; and A. E. MacDonald and W. C. Lee

A modeling study of Hurricane Danny (1997) using an artificial initial vortex
Sytske K. Kimball, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

Didier Gillotay, Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Brussels, Belgium; and T. Besnard and F. Zanghi

Poster PDF (157.3 kB)
Lightning Analysis And Forecasting
Jean Souviron, AES, Montreal, PQ, Canada; and D. Jacob, V. Turcotte, R. Frenette, and M. Nadeau

Poster PDF (2.1 MB)
Lightning Watch and Warning Support to Spacelift Operations
Johnny W. Weems, Air Force Weather Agency, Patrick AFB, FL; and C. S. Pinder, W. P. Roeder, and B. F. Boyd

Poster PDF (133.8 kB)
Considerations in providing a natural dataset for lidar OSSE studies
Adrian Marroquin, NOAA/OAR/FSL, Boulder, CO; and J. R. Smart and L. S. Wharton

Impact of Lidar Wind Sounding on Mesoscale Forecast
Shih-Hung Chou, NASA/MSFC, Huntsville, AL; and T. L. Miller

Comparison of SSM/I Derived Sea surface Winds with NWP Model Analysis
R. M. Khaladkar, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, India; and P. N. Mahajan and P. K. Pal