Poster Session 1 Observation Symposium: Poster Session

Wednesday, 25 January 2017: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
4E (Washington State Convention Center )
Host: Observation Symposium: Progress, Problems, and Prospects

All posters submitted to the Symposium on Observations: Progress, Problems, and Prospects will be on display in this session, and this session only.

Assessing CYGNSS Tropical Cyclone Wind Field Products Before Launch
Mary Morris, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; and C. S. Ruf

Assimilation of CYGNSS Ocean Surface Winds in HWRF
Bachir Annane, Univ. of Miami and NOAA/AOML, Miami, FL; and S. M. Leidner, B. D. McNoldy, R. N. Hoffman, and R. Atlas

Handout (8.0 MB)

Global Wind Observations Capitalizing on Doppler Wind Lidar Synergisms with other Wind Measuring Systems
George D. Emmitt, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA; and S. Greco and S. A. Wood

Cubesat Reception of MODE-S Data from Civil Aircraft
Ed Stone, UKMO, Exeter, United Kingdom; and R. Walker, S. G. Ottesen, and M. Kitchen
Manuscript (2.5 MB)

Army Research Lab's Meteorological Sensor Array
Robb M. Randall, ARL, White Sands Missle Range, NM; and B. MacCall and J. A. Smith

Recent Airborne Doppler Wind Lidar Investigations of Lower Troposphere Circulations from the Tropics to the Poles
Steven Greco, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA; and G. D. Emmitt and S. A. Wood

Towards a ceilometer-lidar network in ASOS: Progress, Problems, and Prospects
Belay Demoz, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD; and K. Vermeesch, M. Hicks, D. Atkinson, R. Delgado, and R. K. Sakai

COCONet and TLALOCNet: Providing the Intra-Americas Seas Region with Enhanced Atmospheric Observational Capacity
Yolande L. Serra, JISAO, Seattle, WA; and J. J. Braun, D. K. Adams, E. Cabral-Cano, C. DeMets, K. Feaux, J. Galetzka, M. Miller, G. Mattioli, G. Wang, and L. Salazar-Tlaczani

Utilizing Surface Pressure to Detect and Analyze Mesoscale Pressure Perturbations
Alexander A. Jacques, Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and J. D. Horel and E. T. Crosman

Handout (2.1 MB)

Verification of Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index for the North Carolina ECONet
Sean P. Heuser, North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC

Surface Observations and Their Use in RTMA/URMA: Challenges and Coordination
Steven Levine, EMC, College Park, MD; and M. Pondeca, R. Yang, A. M. Gibbs, and G. DiMego

An update on the NESDIS operational satellite hydrometeological products
Limin Zhao, NOAA/NESDIS/Office of Satellite and Product Operations, College Park, MD

Validation of Satellite Snowfall Measurements in CONUS
Benjamin T Lott, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND; and G. Skofronick-Jackson

Handout (1.9 MB)

A “Radar” for Humidity, Clouds and Temperature: Introducing the Mesoscale Microwave Radiometer
Veronique Meunier, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada; and F. Fabry and D. Themens

Dual-polarization radar rainfall estimation over warm tropical oceans
Elizabeth J. Thompson, APL/Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA; and S. A. Rutledge, B. Dolan, and M. Thurai

Seasonal Mixed Layer Heat Budget in the Southeast Tropical Atlantic
Hillary A. Scannell, University of Washington/NOAA/PMEL, Seattle, WA; and M. J. McPhaden

Visualize, Discover, and Analyze: A Data Center's Innovative Services for Addressing Observing System Challenges
Amanda M. Weigel, Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville, AL; and D. K. Smith, K. Bugbee, H. Conover, and R. Ramachandran

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