Poster Session 1 GOES-R/JPSS Poster Session I

Monday, 8 January 2018: 4:15 PM-6:00 PM
Exhibit Hall 3 (ACC) (Austin, Texas)
Host: 14th Annual Symposium on New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems
Gary McWilliams, NESDIS JPSS Program Office/Science and Technology Corporation, Lanham, MD and Tim Schmit, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR, Madison, WI

Using VIIRS Aerosol Products to Assess the Impact of Wildfire Emissions on Observed Air Quality in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Amy K. Huff, Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA; and W. F. Ryan, S. Kondragunta, and H. Zhang

Comparison of Data from the North Georgia Lightning Mapping Array and the GOES-16 Global Lightning Mapper
John M. Trostel, Georgia Tech. Research Institute, Atlanta, GA; and J. L. Losego and M. R. Frank

CSPP SDR 3.0 Support for JPSS-1 and CrIS FS
Scott Mindock, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI; and G. Martin, R. Garcia, K. Strabala, L. Gumley, and A. Huang

SDI Grb Appliance: An Excellent Way to Process the GOES-R Grb Data Stream
Scott Mindock, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI; and J. Beavers and R. A. Kohrs

Assessment of the Impact of ABI Radiance Assimilation NWP Skill
Xiaolei Zou, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD; and L. Lin, X. Zhuge, and Z. Qin

Advancing New Satellite Products into Operations: CIRA's NWS Proving Ground Plans
Ed Szoke, NOAA/ESRL/GSD and CIRA, Boulder, CO; and D. Bikos, B. H. Connell, S. D. Miller, R. Brummer, D. T. Lindsey, D. W. Hillger, D. A. Molenar, and C. J. Seaman

New Frontiers in GOES-R ABI Validation: A Feasibility Study for Using Near-Surface Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Aaron J. Pearlman, GeoThinkTank LLC, Washington, DC; and F. P. Padula, T. C. Liu, X. Shao, C. Cao, and S. J. Goodman

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GOES-16: Year One
Christopher C. Schmidt, Univ. of Wisconsin/CIMSS, Madison, WI

Himawari Support in the CSPP-GEO Direct Broadcast Package
Geoff Cureton, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI

GOES-16 Sensor Data: NRL Ground Station Reception and GeoIPSTM Processing
Richard L. Bankert, NRL, Monterey, CA; and K. A. Richardson, M. L. Surratt, A. P. Kuciauskas, J. H. Cossuth, S. D. Miller, and J. E. Solbrig

Atlantic Ocean Hurricane Force Storms: Identifying Stratospheric Air Intrusions and the Effects of Hurricane Force Wind Events on the Iceberg Limit
Kristina Mazur, NCEP Student Internship Program, Ocean Prediction Center, College Park, MD; and M. J. Folmer, L. J. Phillips, J. M. Sienkiewicz, and E. Berndt

Anticipating Winter Weather with Next-Generation Satellite Sensors
Emily Berndt, MSFC, Huntsville, AL; and S. S. Harkema and M. J. Folmer

CSPP Geo GRB: Direct Broadcast Software for GOES-16
Nick Bearson, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI; and T. Jasmin, S. Mindock, J. Braun, and G. Martin

Joint Polar Satellite System Data Products and Applications
Bonnie Reed, JPSS, Suitland, MD; and A. Layns and M. J. Folmer

CICS-MD Contributions to NOAA Satellite Water Cycle Products and Services
Patrick C. Meyers, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD; and R. R. Ferraro, E. H. Berbery, N. Y. Wang, H. Meng, S. D. Rudlosky, J. Dong, and Y. You

ABI Imagery: From Concept to Operations
Mathew M. Gunshor, Univ. of Wisconsin/CIMSS, Madison, WI; and T. J. Schmit, J. M. Feltz, K. Bah, H. Zhang, and J. P. Nelson III

Validation of the SNPP CrIS Full-Resolution NUCAPS Trace Gas EDRs
Nicholas R. Nalli, IMSG, College Park, MD; and A. Gambacorta, C. Tan, F. Iturbide-Sanchez, C. D. Barnet, M. Wilson, X. Xiong, and Q. Liu

VISIT and SHyMet Training Activities at CIMSS
Scott S. Lindstrom, CIMSS/Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and A. S. Bachmeier, J. J. Gerth, T. J. Schmit, M. M. Gunshor, D. Bikos, E. J. Szoke, and B. H. Connell

Retirement/Divestiture of Geostationary and Polar Orbiting Satellite Products
Ame Fox, NOAA, Silver Spring, MD; and C. Best, J. D. Sims, A. Layns, A. Hall, B. Hefner, and N. Ritchey
Manuscript (88.9 kB)

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Streamlining On-Demand Access to Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Data Products for Weather Forecasting
John D. Evans, Global Science & Technology, Inc., Greenbelt, MD; and D. Tislin

Evaluation of NUCAPS products in AWIPS-II: Results from the 2017 HWT
Ashley Wheeler, Science and Technology Corporation (STC), Columbia, MD; and N. Smith, A. Gambacorta, and C. D. Barnet
Manuscript (468.2 kB)

Handout (7.9 MB)

Deployment of the First-Ever Operational Network of Commercially-Provided GOES-16 Direct-Receive Ground Stations in Central and South America
Richard Stedronsky, Enterprise Electronics Corporation, Enterprise, AL; and E. Baptiste and H. Y. Shin

Utilizing MBSE to Modularly Architect the NESDIS Ground Enterprise
Patrick Barnes, Jeffries Technology Solutions, Inc., Herndon, VA

Lessons Learned Processing Data from Live GOES-16 Data Using the Operational Algorithms
Erik Steinfelt, AER, Lexington, MA; and D. Hogan, E. J. Kennelly, P. A. Van Rompay, A. Werbos, and T. S. Zaccheo

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