Author Index - The 12th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation/12th Conference on Cloud Physics (10-14 July 2006) (Madison, WI)

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Abdou, W. A.12ATRADP4.10
Abel, S. J.12CLDPHY9.5
Acarreta, J. R.12ATRADJ1.12
Ackerman, A. S.12CLDPHY3.6, J2.5
Ackerman, S. A.12ATRADP4.18, P4.32, P4.41, P4.42
Ackerman, T.12ATRAD4.4, JP2.14
Ackerman, T. P.12ATRAD10.6
Agee, E.12CLDPHYP2.8
Ahlgrimm, M.12CLDPHYP1.41
Alfonso, L.12CLDPHYP2.43
Allan, J.12CLDPHYP2.17, P2.18
Allen, J.12CLDPHYP2.20
Al Mandoos, A.12CLDPHYP1.11, P2.61
Alonso, S.12ATRADP3.8
Ament, F.12ATRAD11.2
Anderson, J.12CLDPHYP2.17
Anderson, J. G.12ATRAD1.2
Anderson, T. L.12CLDPHYJ2.5
Andreae, M. O.12CLDPHYP2.17
Andrejczuk, M.12CLDPHY11.4, 11.6, P2.44
Antonelli, P.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJP2.4, P4.8
Arduini, R. F.12ATRAD5.6
Arnold, G. T.12ATRAD2.1
Arritt, R. W.12CLDPHYP2.4
Augustine, J. A.12ATRAD10.4, P4.35
Avey, L.12CLDPHYJP1.7
Avramov, A.12CLDPHY4.5
Axisa, D.12CLDPHY13.1, P2.45
Ayers, J. K.12CLDPHYJ2.3
Ayyalasomayajula, S.12CLDPHYP2.40
Ba-Shammakh, M.12CLDPHYJP1.9
Bailey, M.12CLDPHY3.5, P2.13
Bailey, M. E.12CLDPHYP2.64
Bailey, M. P.12CLDPHYP1.59
Baker, B.12CLDPHYP1.47, 9.4
Baker, B. A.12CLDPHYP2.29
Baker, M.12CLDPHY5.2
Baltensperger, U.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Baltink, H. K.12CLDPHYP1.20
Bannon, P. R.12CLDPHYP2.12
Bansemer, A.12CLDPHY6.1, 13.4
Barbosa, H. D. M. J.12ATRADP2.21
Barkstrom, B. R.12ATRAD1.2
Barnard, J. C.12ATRAD12.4, 10.6
Barth, M. C.12CLDPHY7.5
Barthazy, E.12CLDPHYP1.5
Bates, J. J.12ATRAD1.2
Batstone, C. P.12ATRAD2.3
Battaglia, A.12ATRAD11.6
Bauer, P.12ATRADP2.14
Baughcum, S.12ATRADJP2.18
Baum, B.12ATRADP4.8
Baum, B. A.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.46, P2.9, P2.13, J2.6, J2.7, JP2.15, P4.1, P4.11, P4.13, P4.24, P4.39, P4.42
Baumgardner, D.12CLDPHYP1.51, 6.2, 6.4, J1.5, P2.17, P2.18, P2.20, P2.43
Beasley, W.12CLDPHYP2.13
Beaton, S.12CLDPHYP1.1, 10.5, P2.32
Beheng, K. D.12CLDPHY8.1, P2.6
Benedetti, A.12ATRAD6.5
Benmoshe, N.12CLDPHYP1.35, JP1.6
BenMoshe, N.12CLDPHY3.1
Bennartz, R.12ATRADP2.14, P4.3, P4.5, P4.7, P4.44, P4.46, P1.7, P1.19
Bennett, L.12CLDPHY12.5
Benson, S.12ATRADJ2.2
Bereznicki, S.12CLDPHYP2.27
Bergstrom, R. W.12ATRADP2.6
Bertrand, C.12ATRAD4.1
Bewley, J. L.12CLDPHYP2.23
Bingham, G.12ATRADP1.20
Bingham, G. E.12ATRAD1.3
Blahak, U.12CLDPHY8.1, P2.6
Blyth, A.12CLDPHY12.5, 10.6
Blyth, A. M.12CLDPHY7.2, 8.4, P2.21
Boers, R.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.20, J1.12
Bogenschutz, P.12CLDPHYP1.37
Boghosian, J. S.12ATRADP3.1
Bond, T.12ATRADP2.6
Borbas, E.12ATRADP1.12
Borg, L. A.12ATRADP4.42, P4.46
Bormann, S.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Borrmann, S.12CLDPHYP2.18, P2.20
Boudala, F. S.12CLDPHY3.5, 2.5, P2.63
Bourassa, A. E.12CLDPHYP1.45
Bower, K. N.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 7.3, 2.6
Bracero-Mayol, O.12CLDPHYP2.20
Brandt, R. E.12ATRAD5.3
Braverman, A. J.12ATRADP4.50
Breed, D.12CLDPHYP1.11, P2.61
Brenguier, J. L.12CLDPHY9.4
Bretherton, C. S.12CLDPHY1.3A
Brown, D.12CLDPHY4.4
Brown, P.12CLDPHY12.5, 9.5
Browning, K. A.12CLDPHY12.5
Bruintjes, R.12CLDPHYP1.11, P2.61
Bryan, G. H.12CLDPHY11.5
Bugliaro, L.12ATRAD3.3
Burnet, F.12CLDPHY9.4
Buseck, P.12CLDPHYP1.11
Bush, K. A.12ATRAD9.3
Butler, J.12ATRAD5.1
Bélair, S.12CLDPHYP2.50
Cadeddu, M.12ATRADP4.23
Cady-Pereira, K.12ATRADP1.9, P1.11
Cahalan, R. F.12ATRAD2.5, 7.5, P4.34, 13.3
Cairns, B.12ATRAD1.1
Calbo, J.12ATRADP3.18
Campbell, J. R.12ATRADJ2.11
Campos, T. L.12CLDPHY9.1, P2.25
Cantrell, W.12CLDPHYP1.6
Carey, L. D.12CLDPHYP1.25
Caro-Gautier, H.12CLDPHYP2.17
Carrió, G.12CLDPHY1.4A
Carslaw, K.12CLDPHY7.6, P2.16
Carslaw, K. S.12CLDPHY8.4
Carver, R. W.12CLDPHYP1.61
Cederwall, R. T.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Cess, R. D.12ATRADP3.17
Chagas, J. C. S.12ATRADP2.21
Chambers, L. H.12ATRAD9.5
Chan, P. K.12ATRADP3.5
Chandrasekar, V.12CLDPHY14.6
Chang, F.-L.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.49, 2.6, JP2.9, P4.19, P2.60
Charlock, T.12ATRADP2.3, P2.4, 9.6, P1.22
Charlock, T. P.12ATRADP3.6, 5.5, 10.5, 9.1, P1.1, P1.15
Charlson, R. J.12CLDPHYJ2.5
Charon, M.12ATRADP2.22
Chen, C.-J.12CLDPHYP1.56
Chen, G.12ATRADJP2.5
Chen, J.-P.12CLDPHYP1.28
Chen, R.12ATRAD2.6
Chen, Y.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.3, 5.6, P4.19, P4.20, P4.37, P4.38
Cheng, A.12ATRADP4.12
Chin, M.12ATRAD7.1
Chiu, J.-Y. C.12ATRAD12.4, P4.23, P1.16
Choularton, T.12CLDPHY7.3
Choularton, T. W.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 2.2
Chowdhary, J.12ATRAD1.1
Christensen, M. W.12CLDPHYJ1.9
Chuang, P.12CLDPHY9.4
Chuang, P. Y.12CLDPHY9.3, P2.40
Chudzynski, S.12CLDPHYP1.7
Chun, H.-W.12ATRADP1.4
Clerbaux, N.12ATRAD4.1, 13.1
Clothiaux, E. E.12ATRADP4.50, 9.6
Clough, S. A.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.10, P1.9, P1.11
Coakley, J. A., Jr.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ1.9, P4.43, 13.5
Cober, S. G.12CLDPHYP1.13, 4.3, 3.5, P2.64
Coe, H.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 7.3
Coleman, L. H.12ATRADP1.1
Collett, J. L., Jr.12CLDPHYP2.19
Colon, M.12CLDPHYP1.1, P2.25
Colón-Robles, M.12CLDPHY10.5, P2.27
Comstock, J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD5.6, P4.47
Comstock, J. M.12CLDPHY6.6
Connolly, P.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 7.3, 2.6
Connolly, P. J.12CLDPHY2.2
Cooper, D.12ATRADP1.18
Cooper, W.12CLDPHYP2.30
Cornet, C.12ATRAD3.5
Cornwall, C. R.12ATRAD10.4
Correia, J., Jr.12CLDPHYP2.4
Cotton, R. J.12CLDPHYP1.10
Cotton, W. R.12CLDPHYP1.63, JP1.11, 1.4A
Cox, S. J.12ATRADP3.3, P3.16, P3.18, 10.1, P1.6
Cozic, J.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 2.6
Cribb, M.12ATRAD7.2
Croiset, E.12CLDPHYJP1.9
Crosier, J.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 7.3
Cui, Z.12CLDPHY8.4, P2.16
Cuomo, V.12ATRAD5.2
Curtius, J.12CLDPHYJ1.4
D'Entremont, R. P.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.50, 12.5
Danilin, M.12ATRADJP2.18
Darmenov, A.12ATRAD8.4
Da Silva, A.12ATRADP4.18
Davies, R.12ATRADP3.22, 3.5, P4.10, 9.2, 13.2
Davies, S.12CLDPHYP2.16
Davis, A. B.12ATRAD12.3
Davison, J. L.12CLDPHYP2.27
De Boer, G.12CLDPHYP1.32
Decesari, S.12CLDPHYP2.17, P2.19
Degenstein, D. A.12CLDPHYP1.45
Delamere, J.12ATRADP1.9, P1.11
Delamere, J. S.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Del Genio, A.12CLDPHYP1.15
Del Genio, A. D.12CLDPHY7.4
DeMott, P. J.12CLDPHY2.1
Demoz, B.12CLDPHYP1.48
Deneke, H. M.12ATRADP2.17
Deng, M.12CLDPHYP1.44
De Roode, S. R.12ATRADJP2.3
Derungs, C.12CLDPHYP1.5
DeSlover, D. H.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.50, P1.54, 12.5
Dessler, A. E.12ATRADP2.1
Devine, G. M.12CLDPHY7.6
Dewitte, S.12ATRAD4.1, 13.1
Di Girolamo, L.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHY3.4, 14.6, 10.2, P4.21, P4.40
Di Girolamo, P.12CLDPHYP1.21
Di Giuseppe, F.12ATRADJP2.2
Doelling, D. R.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP3.1, P3.5, P3.6, J2.3, 9.1, 9.4, P1.6
Domenech, C.12ATRADP3.8
Dong, X.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYJ2.2, J2.3, P4.31, P4.38
Douglas, P.12CLDPHYJP1.9
Duda, D. P.12ATRAD8.5
Dugas, B.12ATRADP2.22
Duplissy, J.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Durant, A.12CLDPHY11.5
Dusek, U.12CLDPHYP2.18
Dutton, E. G.12ATRAD10.3, 10.4, P1.15
Dörnbrack, A.12CLDPHY6.3
Ebert, D.12CLDPHY12.4
Ebert, M.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 2.6
Eldering, A.12ATRAD14.4
Elkamel, A.12CLDPHYJP1.9
Ellingson, R. G.12ATRAD3.2, JP2.11
Ellison, M. E.12ATRADJ2.11
Eloranta, E.12CLDPHYP1.31
Eloranta, E. W.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.32, P4.13, 6.4
Elperin, T.12CLDPHY14.3
Emblico, L.12CLDPHYP2.19
Erlick-Haspel, C.12ATRADP2.18, P2.20
Evans, K. F.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP2.7, P4.18, P2.66, 11.4
Evans, W. F. J.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP3.19, P2.65
Falk, M. J.12CLDPHYP2.62
Fan, A.12ATRADP4.19, 9.5
Feijt, A. J.12ATRADP2.17, P4.16, P4.51
Feingold, G.12CLDPHYJP1.10, J1.1, J1.7
Ferraro, R.12ATRAD2.6
Field, P.12CLDPHY3.2
Field, P. R.12CLDPHYP1.10, 3.4, 13.4, P2.57
Fischer, J.12ATRADP4.7, P1.7
Flittner, D. E.12CLDPHYP1.45
Flores, J. M.12CLDPHY6.2
Flynn, C.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Flynn, M. J.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Fontenla, J. M.12ATRAD4.5, P4.9
Forbes, R. M.12CLDPHY12.5
Fournier, N.12ATRAD14.3, P4.48
Frank, G.12CLDPHYP2.17, P2.18, P2.20
Freer, M.12CLDPHY5.3, P2.28
Frey, R.12ATRADP4.30, P4.39
Frey, R. A.12ATRADP4.32
Fridlind, A. M.12CLDPHY3.6
Fu, Q.12ATRAD4.2, P2.4, JP2.18
Fueglistaler, S.12ATRAD4.2
Fugal, J. P.12CLDPHY5.5
Futyan, J. M.12CLDPHY7.4
Gadian, A.12CLDPHY12.5
Gallagher, M. W.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 7.3, 2.2
Gao, B.-C.12ATRADP2.1, JP2.15, P4.2
Garcia-Garcia, F.12CLDPHYP2.18
García-García, F.12CLDPHYP2.56
Garrett, T. J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD4.6, JP1.7, J1.10, 11.5, J2.12
Gatebe, C.12ATRAD5.1
Gaustad, K. L.12ATRAD10.6
Geier, E.12CLDPHYJ2.3
Geier, E. B.12ATRADP1.10
Genkova, I.12CLDPHY10.5
Georgakakos, .. K. P.12CLDPHYP2.47
Georgiev, G. T.12ATRAD5.1
Gerber, H.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD14.2A, JP2.13
Ghate, V. P.12CLDPHYP2.27
Gibson, S. L.12ATRADP4.19
Gierens, K.12CLDPHYP1.60
Gilmore, M.12CLDPHYP2.15
Gilmore, M. S.12CLDPHYP2.52
Gimeno, J.12ATRADP3.8
Gimeno García, S.12ATRADJP2.2
Gioda, A.12CLDPHYP2.19
Goeke, S.12CLDPHYP1.42, 10.3, 10.5, P2.28
Golaz, J.-C.12CLDPHYP1.40
Gomes, L.12CLDPHYP2.17
Gonzalez, L.12ATRAD4.1
Gordon, B.12CLDPHY11.5
Gordon, M.12CLDPHY4.3
Goto, D.12ATRADP2.5
Gounou, A.12ATRAD7.6
Goyea, O.12CLDPHYP2.30
Grabowski, W. W.12CLDPHYP1.36, P1.64, 4.2, J1.2, 14.1, 12.3, 11.4
Gras, J. L.12ATRADJ1.12
Greenwald, T.12ATRADP4.18
Grenfell, T. C.12ATRADJP2.12, 5.3
Grieco, G., Jr.12ATRAD5.2
Griffin, B. M.12CLDPHYP1.40, P2.48
Grim, J.12CLDPHYP2.2
Grim, J. A.12CLDPHY7.1, P2.3
Grits, B.12CLDPHYP2.39
Groff, D. N.12ATRADP4.50
Grosdidier, Y.12ATRAD11.5
Grzeszczak, E.12CLDPHYP1.20, P2.27
Guarente, B. A.12CLDPHYP2.1
Gulev, S.12ATRAD5.4
Gultepe, I.12CLDPHY4.3, 3.5, P2.55
Gumley, L. E.12ATRADP4.8, P4.13
Guo, G.12ATRAD13.5
Guo, H.12CLDPHYJ1.6
Gupta, S. K.12ATRADP3.3, P3.16, P3.17, P3.21, 10.1, P1.6, P1.10
Gylfason, A.12CLDPHYP2.40
Gysel, M.12CLDPHYJ1.4, P2.18, P2.20
Hall, W. D.12CLDPHY3.4
Hallett, J.12CLDPHYP1.39, P1.59, 3.3, 3.5, P2.13, P2.54
Ham, S.-H.12ATRADP4.25
Han, H.12ATRADP1.14
Hanna, J.12CLDPHYP2.58
Hansell, R. A., Jr.12ATRADP4.29
Hansen, B.12CLDPHY4.3
Harder, J.12ATRAD4.5, 1.2
Harries, J. E.12ATRAD1.2, 13.1
Harrington, J. Y.12CLDPHYP1.26, P1.61, 4.5
Hart, W. D.12ATRAD6.1, 6.2
Hashimoto, A.12CLDPHYP1.28
Hashino, T.12CLDPHYP1.32, 2.4
Hayasaka, T.12CLDPHYJP1.19
Heck, P. W.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.10, P4.20
Hegg, D.12CLDPHY5.2
Heidinger, A.12ATRADJ2.7
Heidinger, A. K.12ATRADJP2.17, P4.6, P4.36
Heinzmann, F.12CLDPHYP2.59
Held, I. M.12ATRAD4.6
Henry, C. K.12CLDPHY10.4, P2.27
Herman, J.12ATRAD1.4
Herman, R.12CLDPHY6.2
Hess, P.12ATRADP1.18
Heymsfield, A.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD7.3, P2.9, P4.18
Heymsfield, A. J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD4.4, 6.1, 13.4, J2.6, JP2.1, JP2.13
Heymsfield, G.12CLDPHYP1.22
Heymsfield, G. M.12CLDPHYP2.15
Higurashi, A.12CLDPHYJ1.11
Hinkelman, L. M.12ATRADP3.3, P3.18, 10.1, 10.2, P4.12, P1.6
Hlavka, D. L.12ATRAD6.1, 6.2, P1.13
Hoch, J. A.12ATRAD12.6
Hodges, G. B.12ATRADP4.35
Hogan, R. J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.52, P1.55, P1.62, 7.6, 6.5, 6.6
Holz, R.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.54, P4.8, P4.13
Holz, R. E.12CLDPHYJP2.4
Hong, G.12ATRADJP2.15, P4.4, P4.24
Hong, S. Y.12ATRADP2.16
Hood, R. E.12CLDPHYP2.15
Horie, H.12CLDPHYP1.30
Hu, Y.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.46, J2.2, P4.11, 9.5
Hu, Y. X.12ATRADP2.9, P4.4, P4.24
Huang, A.12ATRADP4.24
Huang, A. H.-L.12ATRADP2.13
Huang, H. -. L.12CLDPHYP1.46
Huang, H.-L.12ATRADP4.5
Huang, J.12ATRADP4.19
Huang, Y.12ATRADP3.2
Hubanks, P.12ATRAD2.1, 2.2, JP2.14
Hubbard, S. A.12CLDPHY8.6, P2.10
Hudak, D.12CLDPHY4.3, P2.63
Hudson, J.12CLDPHYP1.2
Hudson, J. G.12CLDPHY10.1, 1.1
Hudson, S. R.12ATRAD5.3
Ignatov, A.12ATRADP4.53
Iguchi, T.12CLDPHYJP1.8
Illingworth, A. J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.62, 6.5
Ipe, A.12ATRAD4.1
Irving, A.12CLDPHYP2.58
Isaac, G.12CLDPHY2.5, P2.55
Isaac, G. A.12CLDPHYP1.13, 4.3, 3.5, P2.63, P2.64
Ivanova, D.12CLDPHYJ2.9
Jacob, M.12CLDPHY4.3
Jaeschke, W.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Jagodnicka, A.12CLDPHYP1.7
Jeck, R. K.12CLDPHYP1.43
Jeffery, C. A.12CLDPHY11.6, P2.35, P2.36, P2.44
Jensen, E.12CLDPHYP1.51
Jensen, E. J.12CLDPHY6.4
Jensen, J.12CLDPHYP1.39, P2.30
Jensen, J. B.12CLDPHYP1.1, 4.1, 10.5, 9.1, P2.21, P2.25, P2.26, P2.32
Jensen, M.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Jensen, T.12CLDPHYP1.11, P2.61
Jewett, B. F.12CLDPHY7.1, P2.1, P2.2, P2.3, P2.15
Ji, Q.12ATRADP4.29
Jiang, H.12CLDPHYJP1.10, J1.1
Jin, Z.12ATRADP2.3, P2.4, 5.5, 10.5, P1.22
Jo, I.12CLDPHYP2.27
Johns, R. H.12CLDPHYP2.46
Johnson, D.12ATRAD1.3, P1.20
Johnson, D. G.12ATRAD12.1, P1.21
Johnson, K.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Johnson, N.12CLDPHYP1.26
Johnson, R. W.12CLDPHY14.5
Jones, C. G.12ATRADP2.23
Jorgensen, D. P.12CLDPHYP2.2, P2.3
Jorge Sanchez, J.12ATRADP3.8
Kahn, B.12ATRAD14.4, P4.47
Kalisch, J.12ATRAD5.4
Kanak, K. M.12CLDPHYP1.57, 11.5, P2.52
Kankiewicz, J. A.12CLDPHYP1.25
Karasinski, G.12ATRADP1.8
Karasiñski, G.12CLDPHYP1.7
Kardas, A. E.12ATRADP4.15, P1.8
Karl, T. R.12ATRAD1.2
Karlsson, K.-G.12ATRADP2.23
Karpowicz, B. M.12ATRAD8.3
Kasper-Giebl, A.12CLDPHYP2.17
Kato, S.12ATRADP3.4, P3.9, P2.4, 10.5, P4.12, 9.6, P1.1
Kattawar, G. W.12ATRADP2.15, JP2.5, JP2.7, JP2.10, P4.11, P4.22
Kaufman, Y.12CLDPHYJ1.8
Kawamoto, K.12CLDPHYJP1.19
Kay, J.12CLDPHY5.2
Kerstein, A. R.12CLDPHYP1.38, P2.42
Key, J.12ATRADP4.30
Keyes, D. F.12ATRADP3.1, 9.4, P1.6
Khain, A.12CLDPHYP1.19, JP1.12, JP1.13, 14.3, P2.39, P2.41
Khain, A. P.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.35, JP1.6, JP1.8, 3.1, J2.8, P2.45
Khaiyer, M.12ATRADJP2.9
Khaiyer, M. M.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP3.5, J2.3
Khlopenkov, K. V.12ATRADP4.33, 13.6
Khvorostyanov, V.12CLDPHY2.3
Kim, J.12ATRAD8.6, P2.16
Kimball, M. B.12ATRADJ2.12
King, M. D.12ATRAD2.1, 2.2, JP2.15, 5.1
King, P.12CLDPHY4.3
Kizer, E. A.12ATRADP3.13
Kleeorin, N.12CLDPHY14.3
Kleidman, R.12ATRAD7.5
Klein, P.12CLDPHY11.5
Kliche, D. V.12CLDPHY14.5
Knuteson, R.12ATRADP1.9
Knuteson, R. O.12ATRADP1.11
Knuth, S. L.12CLDPHY13.3
Knyazikhin, Y.12ATRAD12.4
Kogan, Y. L.12CLDPHYP1.3, P1.16, P1.17, P1.24, 1.2
Kogan, Z. N.12CLDPHYP1.17, P1.24
Kok, G.12CLDPHYP1.51, 6.2, 5.3, JP2.1
Kollias, P.12CLDPHYP1.31
Korczyk, P.12CLDPHY11.4
Korolev, A.12CLDPHY3.2
Korolev, A. V.12CLDPHYP1.13, 3.5, P2.64
Kotenberg, K. E.12ATRADJP2.16
Kowalewski, T. A.12CLDPHY11.4
Kraemer, M.12CLDPHYP2.18, P2.20
Krasnov, O.12CLDPHYP1.18, P1.19, 3.1
Kratz, D.12ATRADP1.20
Kratz, D. P.12ATRADP3.17, 1.3, 12.1, P4.4, 9.1, P1.10, P1.21
Kreidenweis, S. M.12CLDPHY2.1
Krueger, S. K.12CLDPHYP1.37, P1.38, 9.2, 8.2, P2.34, P2.42
Kuba, N.12CLDPHYP1.28
Kuji, M.12ATRAD14.2
Kulie, M.12ATRAD12.6
Kulie, M. S.12ATRADP4.44
Kulmala, M.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Kuroiwa, H.12CLDPHYP1.30
Kusunoki, K.12CLDPHYP2.53
L'Ecuyer, T.12ATRADP4.18
Labajo, A.12ATRADP3.8
Lafon, S.12ATRAD7.3
Lamb, D.12CLDPHY6.5, P2.37
Lancaster, R. S.12ATRADP1.13
Lare, A.12CLDPHYP1.48
Larson, B.12CLDPHY5.4
Larson, V. E.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.40, JP2.16, P2.48, P2.62
Lasher-Trapp, S.12CLDPHYP1.2, 12.4, 10.4, P2.5, P2.23
Laszlo, I.12ATRAD7.1, JP2.10, P4.53
Latifovic, R.12ATRAD13.6
Latvakoski, H.12ATRAD1.3, P1.20
Lawson, P.12CLDPHY6.4, P2.66
Lawson, R. P.12CLDPHYP1.47
Lebo, Z.12CLDPHYP1.26
Lee, J.12ATRAD8.6, P2.1
Lee, R. B., III12ATRAD9.3
Lee, S.12CLDPHY4.1
Lee, W.-L.12ATRADP1.5
Lee, Y.-K.12CLDPHYP1.46
Lehmann, K.12CLDPHY12.1, 12.2, P2.38
Lehr, P. J.12CLDPHY9.2, P2.42
Leighton, H. G.12ATRADP4.33
Lerner, A.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP2.18, P2.9
Levin, Z.12CLDPHYJ1.1
Lewis, W. E.12ATRAD12.2
Li, C.12ATRADP4.22
Li, J.12ATRADP2.22, P1.12
Li, L.12CLDPHYP1.22
Li, X.12CLDPHYP1.22, JP1.12
Li, Y.12CLDPHY8.2
Li, Z.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.49, JP1.5, 2.6, 7.2, P2.60
Liang, L.12ATRAD3.4
Liljegren, J. C.12ATRADP4.23, P1.16
Lilly, D. K.12CLDPHY11.5
Lin, B.12ATRADJP2.9, P4.19, 9.5
Lin, R. -. F.12CLDPHYP1.48
Lin, R.-F.12CLDPHY6.6
Lindsey, D. T.12ATRADJP2.17
Lindstrot, R.12ATRADP4.7
Lingard, J. J. N.12CLDPHYP2.17
Liou, K.-N.12ATRADP4.47
Liou, K. N.12ATRAD14.4, P4.29, P4.37, P1.5
Liu, H.12ATRADP4.53
Liu, X.12ATRAD1.3, 12.1, P1.17, P1.20, P1.21
Liu, Z.12CLDPHYJ2.5
Llewellyn, E. J.12CLDPHYP1.45
Locatelli, J. D.12CLDPHYP2.51
Loeb, N. G.12ATRADP3.4, P3.8, P3.9, P4.10, 9.1, 9.2, 9.6, 13.2
Lohmann, U.12CLDPHYP1.5, P1.9, P1.60, JP1.15, J1.3, 13.5, P2.59
Long, C.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Long, C. N.12ATRADP3.18, 10.6
Lopez-Baeza, E.12ATRADP3.8
Los, A.12ATRADJP2.3
Loukachine, K.12ATRADP3.4, P3.9, 9.2, 13.2
Love, S. P.12ATRAD12.3
Lovejoy, S.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD14.4, P4.45, 11.5
Lowenstein, J. H.12CLDPHY10.6, P2.27
Lu, J. Q.12ATRADJP2.5
Luke, E.12CLDPHYP1.31
Luo, Y.12ATRAD13.6
Lynn, B. H.12CLDPHYJP1.13
Mace, G.12ATRADP4.47
Mace, G. G.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.44, 5.6, J2.2, P4.28
Macke, A.12ATRADP2.12, 5.4, P1.2
MacLaughlin, K. J.12CLDPHYP2.10
Maddux, B. C.12ATRADP4.41, P4.42
Maestri, T.12CLDPHYJP2.4
Magaritz, L.12CLDPHYP1.35, 3.1
Magee, N. B.12CLDPHY6.5
Mailhot, J.12CLDPHYP2.50
Maixner, U.12CLDPHYP2.30
Malinowski, S.12CLDPHYP1.7
Malinowski, S. P.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD11.4, P1.8
Manalo-Smith, N.12ATRADP3.4
Marchand, R.12ATRADJP2.14
Marchand, R. T.12ATRAD3.1, 2.4
Markowicz, K. M.12ATRADP2.2, P4.15, P1.8
Marshak, A.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJP1.5, 3.6, J1.8, 2.5, 7.5, 12.4, P4.23, P4.34, P1.16
Marsham, J. H.12CLDPHY7.2, 12.5
Martins, J. V.12CLDPHYJ1.8
Maruyama, K.-I.12CLDPHYP1.28
Masiello, G., Sr.12ATRAD5.2
Masunaga, H.12ATRADJ2.8
Mather, J.12ATRAD4.4
Mather, J. H.12ATRAD13.4
Matsui, I.12ATRAD8.2
Matsui, T.12ATRADP2.19, J2.8
Matthews, G.12ATRADP3.12, 9.2, P1.18
Mayer, B.12ATRAD3.3
Mayol-Bracero, O. L.12CLDPHYP2.17, P2.18, P2.19
McClain, C.12ATRAD1.2
McCoy, R.12CLDPHY5.3
McFarlane, S.12ATRAD4.4
McFarlane, S. A.12ATRAD2.4, 13.4
McFarquhar, G.12CLDPHYP1.51, 4.4, 7.1, 5.3, J2.9, JP2.1, P2.2
McFarquhar, G. M.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.14, P1.63, JP2.8, P4.18, P2.1, P2.3, P2.15, P2.33
McGarragh, G. R.12ATRADP1.10
McQuaid, J. B.12CLDPHYP2.17
Mechem, D. B.12CLDPHYP1.3, P1.17, P1.24, 1.2
Mechoso, C. R.12CLDPHY1.3A
Medaglia, C. M.12ATRAD12.6
Medeiros, B.12CLDPHYP2.27
Mehta, A. V.12ATRAD12.6
Menzel, W. P.12ATRADP4.39, P1.12
Mertes, S.12CLDPHY2.6, P2.18, P2.20
Meyer, K. G.12ATRADP4.2
Mi, W.12ATRAD7.2
Michalsky, J. J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.10, 10.4, P4.35
Mikovitz, J. C.12ATRADP3.3, P3.16, 10.1, 10.2, P1.6
Milbrandt, J. A.12CLDPHYP2.50
Miller, M. A.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.10, P4.23
Miller, W. F.12ATRAD9.2, 13.2
Miloshevich, L.12ATRADP3.14
Min, Q.12ATRADP4.23
Minda, H.12CLDPHYP1.30
Minnis, P.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHY8.5, P3.5, 1.4, J2.3, JP2.9, 5.6, P4.19, P4.20, P4.26, P4.28, P4.38, 9.1, 9.5, 9.6
Minor, H. A.12CLDPHYP2.28
Mishchenko, M. I.12ATRAD1.1
Mishra, S.12CLDPHY10.1, 1.1, P2.27
Misumi, R.12CLDPHYP1.28
Mitchell, D. L.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.50, 12.5, J2.9
Mlawer, E. J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.10, P1.9, P1.11
Mlynczak, M.12ATRADP1.20
Mlynczak, M. G.12ATRAD1.2, 1.3, 12.1, P4.4, P1.21
Mlynczak, P. E.12ATRAD13.1
Mo, Q.12CLDPHYP1.47, 9.4, P2.29
Moehler, O.12CLDPHYP1.10, 2.2
Moisseev, D. N.12CLDPHY14.6, P2.67
Monier, M.12CLDPHY7.3
Montero, G.12CLDPHYP2.18, P2.20
Montero-Martínez, G.12CLDPHYP2.56
Moon, K. J.12ATRADP2.16
Morales, F.12CLDPHYP2.27
Morales, R.12CLDPHYP2.19
Morales-Garcia, F.12CLDPHYP2.19
Morales-García, F.12CLDPHYP2.17
Morales-Garica, F.12CLDPHYP2.18
Morrison, H.12CLDPHYP1.64
Moulton, D.12CLDPHYP2.36
Moyle, A. M.12CLDPHY6.5, P2.37
Mukai, M.12ATRADP3.7
Murakami, M.12CLDPHYP1.28, P1.30, P1.53, P2.53
Mühlbauer, A.12CLDPHYJP1.15
Nagasawa, R.12ATRADP2.10
Nagel, D.12CLDPHYP2.30
Nakajima, T.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP3.7, JP1.8, J1.11, 14.2, P2.5, P2.8, J2.8, P4.52, 11.1
Nakajima, T. Y.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJP1.4, J1.11, J2.8
Nasiri, S. L.12ATRADP4.1
Naud, C. M.12CLDPHYP1.15
Nelson, D. W.12ATRAD10.4
Neshyba, S. P.12ATRADJP2.12
Nguyen, L.12ATRADP4.20
Nicol, J.12CLDPHY12.5
Nicolas, J.-M.12ATRAD14.1
Nishizawa, T.12ATRAD8.2, P4.52
Niu, J.12CLDPHYP1.25
Noppel, H.12CLDPHY8.1, P2.6
Nordeen, M. L.12ATRADP3.1, P3.5, P4.20
Norris, P.12ATRADP4.18
North, G.12ATRADP4.2
Nousiainen, T.12CLDPHYJ2.9
Nuijens, L.12CLDPHY12.6, 9.6
Nuyens, L.12CLDPHYP2.27
O'Connor, D.12CLDPHYP2.66
O'Dell, C.12ATRADP2.14, 12.6, P4.3, P4.7
Ochs, H. T.12CLDPHYP2.28
Ochshorn, E.12CLDPHYP1.6
Ohara, T.12CLDPHYJP1.19
Ohmura, A.12ATRADP3.3, 10.1, 10.2
Ohno, Y.12ATRADP4.52
Okamoto, H.12ATRAD8.2, P4.27, P4.52
Oreopoulos, L.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJP1.18, 13.3
Orikasa, N.12CLDPHYP1.28, P1.30, P1.53, P2.53
Ortíz-Montalvo, D. L.12CLDPHYP2.17
Otake, S.12ATRADP4.52
Ou, S. C.12ATRADP4.29, P4.37, P4.47
Oudard, C.12ATRAD14.1
Ovtchinnikov, M.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHY3.1, 11.1
O’Donnel, D.12CLDPHYP2.27
Palikonda, R.12ATRADP3.5, P4.26, P4.28
Palm, S. P.12ATRAD8.1, 6.1, 6.2, P1.13
Park, H.-S.12ATRADP1.14
Parker, D. J.12CLDPHY7.2, 7.6
Parol, F.12ATRAD14.1
Pavlonis, M. J.12ATRADP4.30
Pavolonis, M. J.12ATRADP4.6
Pawlowska, H.12CLDPHYP1.20, P1.36, 4.2
Penner, J. E.12CLDPHYJ1.6
Petch, J.12CLDPHY7.6
Peter, J. R.12CLDPHYP2.21
Peterson, H.12CLDPHYP2.13
Pfister, L.12CLDPHY6.4
Pielke, R.12ATRADP2.19
Piketh, S.12CLDPHYP1.11
Pilewskie, P.12ATRAD4.5, 14.5, P2.6, 1.2, J2.4
Pilson, B.12CLDPHYP1.47
Pincus, R.12ATRAD2.2, 2.3, 11.4
Pino, D.12ATRADP3.8
Pinsky, M.12CLDPHYP1.19, P1.35, 14.3, 3.1, P2.39, P2.41
Platnick, S.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJP1.18, 3.4, 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 14.1, JP2.15, P4.9, P4.24, 13.3
Platnick, S. E.12ATRAD2.3, 14.5, JP2.14
Plummer, D. M.12CLDPHYP1.42
Poellot, M.12CLDPHY4.4, JP2.1
Pokrovsky, A.12CLDPHYJP1.6
Polonsky, I. N.12ATRAD12.3
Posselt, R.12CLDPHY13.5, P2.59
Pouliot, D.12ATRAD13.6
Pozo, D.12CLDPHYJ1.5
Prenni, A. J.12CLDPHY2.1
Preusker, R.12ATRADP4.7, P1.7, P1.19
Priestley, K. J.12ATRADP3.12, 1.2, 9.1, 9.2, P1.18
Qu, Y.12ATRADP1.17
Racette, P.12ATRADP4.18
Radkevich, A.12ATRADP4.45
Raga, G.12CLDPHY6.2, P2.20
Raga, G. B.12CLDPHYJ1.5, P2.14, P2.17, P2.18, P2.43
Ramaswamy, V.12ATRADP3.2
Rambukkange, M.12CLDPHYP1.31
Ramon, D.12ATRADP4.17
Ranger, C.12CLDPHYP2.7
Rasch, P.12CLDPHYJ2.9
Rasinski, P.12CLDPHYP1.36
Rasmussen, R. M.12CLDPHY3.4
Rauber, R.12CLDPHY7.1, 10.2, P2.25
Rauber, R. M.12CLDPHY10.3, 10.5, P2.1, P2.2, P2.3, P2.28
Reagan, J. A.12ATRAD8.1
Redemann, J.12ATRADP2.6
Reid, E. A.12ATRADP2.2
Reid, J. S.12ATRADP2.2, P4.29
Reisner, J.12CLDPHYP2.44
Reisner, J. M.12CLDPHY11.6, P2.35, P2.36
Remer, L.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ1.8, 7.5
Remer, L. A.12CLDPHYJP1.5
Remiszewska, J.12ATRADP2.2
Repollet-Pedrosa, M. H.12CLDPHYP2.17
Reuter, G. W.12CLDPHYP2.7
Revercomb, H.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.54, P4.8
Revercomb, H. E.12ATRADP4.13, P4.18, P1.9, P1.11
Rice, J.12ATRAD1.2
Richardson, M. S.12CLDPHY2.1
Rickenbach, T. M.12CLDPHYP1.48
Riedi, J.12ATRAD2.1
Ritchey, N. A.12ATRADP3.13
Rius, A.12ATRADP3.8
Riédi, J.12ATRAD14.1
Robinson, C.12CLDPHYP1.6
Robinson, S.12ATRADJP2.18
Rodriguez, A.12CLDPHYP2.19
Rodriguez, O.12CLDPHYP2.14
Rodriguez, P.12CLDPHY4.3
Roebeling, R. A.12ATRADP2.17, P4.16, P4.51
Rogachevskii, I.12CLDPHY14.3
Rogers, D.12CLDPHY10.5, P2.25
Rogers, D. C.12CLDPHYP1.1, P1.39, 9.1, 2.1, P2.30
Romashkin, P.12CLDPHYP2.32
Rosa, B.12CLDPHY14.1
Rose, F.12ATRADP3.6, P2.4, P1.1
Rose, F. G.12ATRADP3.1, P2.3, 10.5
Rosenfeld, D.12CLDPHYP1.49, JP1.5, 13.1, P2.9, P2.45
Rowe, P.12ATRADP3.14
Russchenberg, H.12CLDPHYP1.18, P1.19, P2.67
Russchenberg, H. W. J.12CLDPHY3.1
Russell, J. E.12ATRAD13.1
Russell, P. B.12ATRADP2.6
Rutan, D. A.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP3.1, P2.3, P2.4, J2.10, 10.5, 9.6, P1.1
Rutledge, C. K.12ATRAD5.5
Rutledge, K.12ATRADP1.22
Saathoff, H.12CLDPHYP1.5
Sabatino, D.12CLDPHYP1.21
Sabbah, S.12ATRADP2.18
Saito, A.12CLDPHYP1.28, P2.53
Salazar, V.12CLDPHYP1.11, P2.61
Saleeby, S. M.12CLDPHYP1.63
Sanchis, A.12ATRADP3.8
Sandmann, H.12ATRADP1.2
Santer, R.12ATRADP4.17
Sassen, K.12CLDPHY2.3
Sato, K.12ATRADP4.27, P4.52
Savic-Jovcic, V.12CLDPHYP1.27
Saw, E. W.12CLDPHY12.2, P2.40
Schade, N.12ATRADP1.2
Schanot, A.12CLDPHYP1.39
Scheirer, R.12ATRADJP2.2
Schertzer, D.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD14.4, P4.45, 11.5
Schlesinger, R. E.12CLDPHY8.6
Schlueter, M. H.12CLDPHYP2.34
Schmelzer, J.12ATRAD12.4
Schmidt, K. S.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHY14.5, J2.1, JP2.2
Schmitt, C.12CLDPHY6.1
Schmitt, C. G.12ATRADJP2.13
Schneider, E.12CLDPHYP2.15
Schneider, J.12CLDPHY2.6, P2.18, P2.20
Schomburg, A.12ATRAD11.2
Schuetz, A. M.12ATRADP4.43
Schultz, D. M.12CLDPHYP1.57, 11.5, P2.46, P2.58
Schulz, J.12ATRADP1.7
Schutgens, N. A. J.12ATRADP4.51
Scneider, J.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Sears-Collins, A. L.12CLDPHYP2.46
Seemann, S. W.12ATRADP1.12
Segrin, M. S.12CLDPHYJ1.9
Seifert, A.12CLDPHYP2.6
Sekiguchi, M.12ATRAD11.1
Semeniuk, T.12CLDPHYP1.11
Sensu, M.12ATRADP4.52
Serio, C.12ATRAD5.2
Serpetzoglou, E.12CLDPHYP2.27
Shackelford, A. L., Jr.12CLDPHYP1.2
Shashar, N.12ATRADP2.18
Shaw, R.12CLDPHY12.1, P2.38
Shaw, R. A.12CLDPHY5.5, 12.2, P2.40
Shen, H.12CLDPHYP2.27
Shephard, M.12ATRADP1.9
Sheppard, R. M.12CLDPHYP1.9
Shi, T.12ATRADP4.50
Shimizu, A.12ATRAD8.2
Shimura, K.12CLDPHY13.6
Shippert, T. R.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Shipway, B.12CLDPHY9.5
Shupe, M.12CLDPHYP1.31
Siebert, H.12CLDPHY12.1, 12.2, P2.38
Siebesma, A. P.12CLDPHY12.6
Siegel, D.12ATRAD1.2
Simmer, C.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.1, JP2.2, 11.2, 11.6
Simpson, J.12CLDPHYJP1.12
Sinitsyn, A.12ATRAD5.4
Sivaraman, C.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Six, D.12ATRAD5.3
Sjogren, S.12CLDPHYJ1.4
Skofronick-Jackson, G.12ATRADP4.18
Skubiszak, W.12CLDPHYP1.7
Small, J.12CLDPHY9.4
Small, J. D.12CLDPHY9.3, P2.27
Smidansky, P. M.12CLDPHYP2.37
Smith, A. J.12CLDPHYP1.40
Smith, A. M.12CLDPHY7.1, P2.3
Smith, E. A.12ATRAD12.6
Smith, G. L.12ATRADP3.8, P3.21, 9.3, 13.1
Smith, J.12CLDPHY6.4
Smith, N. M.12ATRADP3.9
Smith, P.12CLDPHY14.5
Smith, W., Sr.12ATRADP1.17
Smith, W. L., Jr.12ATRADP4.28
Smolarkiewicz, P. K.12CLDPHY11.4
Snodgrass, E. R.12CLDPHY10.2, P2.27
Soden, B.12ATRAD4.6
Soden, B. J.12ATRADP4.18
Sohn, B.-J.12ATRADP4.25, P1.14
Sohn, B. J.12ATRADP1.4
Sokolik, I. N.12ATRAD8.3, 8.4, 7.3
Song, Y.12CLDPHY12.4
Spangenberg, D. A.12ATRADP4.26
Spek, A. L. J.12CLDPHYP2.67
Spichtinger, P.12CLDPHYP1.60, 6.3
Spinhirne, J.12ATRAD8.1, J2.11, 6.2, P1.13
Spinhirne, J. D.12ATRAD6.1
Stacewicz, T.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.7, P1.8
Stachnik, J.12CLDPHYP2.5
Stackhouse, P. W., Jr.12ATRADP3.3, P3.16, P3.18, P3.21, 10.1, 10.2, P1.6, P1.10
Stammes, P.12ATRAD14.3, P4.48
Starr, D. O.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.48, 6.6, P4.18
Stearns, C. R.12CLDPHY13.3
Stelmaszczyk, K.12ATRADP1.8
Stengel, M.12ATRADP1.7
Stephenson, G.12ATRADP1.12
Sterkin, A.12CLDPHYP1.35, 3.1
Stetzer, O.12CLDPHYP1.5
Stevens, B.12CLDPHYP1.27, 9.6
Stick, C.12ATRADP1.2
Stith, J.12CLDPHYP1.1, P1.39, P2.25, P2.30, P2.31
Stith, J. L.12CLDPHY9.1
Stoelinga, M. T.12CLDPHYP2.51
Stohl, A.12CLDPHYJP1.7
Stone, T.12ATRAD1.2
Straka, J. M.12CLDPHYP1.57, 11.5, P2.52
Straka, W., III12ATRADP4.36
Straka, W. C., III12ATRADJP2.17
Strapp, J. W.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.13, 3.5, P2.64, P1.3
Strawbridge, K. B.12ATRADP4.45
Stubenrauch, C. J.12CLDPHY5.1
Su, C.-W.12CLDPHY9.2, P2.34
Su, S.-H.12CLDPHY8.3
Su, W.12ATRAD9.2, P1.15
Sud, Y.12CLDPHYJP1.17
Sugimoto, N.12ATRAD8.2, P4.52
Summa, D.12CLDPHYP1.21
Sun, W.12ATRADP3.9, 9.2, 13.2
Sun-Mack, S.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHY8.5, J2.3, JP2.9, 5.6, P4.19, P4.20, P4.38
Suzuki, K.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJP1.4, J1.11, J2.8
Suzuki, T.12ATRADP2.8
Swanson, B. D.12CLDPHY5.4
Szewczyk, Z. P.12ATRADP3.8, P1.18, 13.1
Tahnk, W. R.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ1.9, P4.43
Tajiri, T.12CLDPHYP2.53
Takahashi, T.12CLDPHY13.6
Takano, T.12ATRADP4.52
Takano, Y.12ATRADP4.37
Takara, E. E.12ATRADJP2.11
Takemi, T.12CLDPHYP1.65
Takemura, T.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHY8.2, JP1.8, J1.11, P2.5, 7.4, P4.27, P4.52
Talbot, D.12ATRADP2.22
Tanaka, M.12ATRADP2.8
Tao, W.-K.12CLDPHYJP1.12
Tarruella, R.12ATRADP3.8
Taylor, P.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD4.3, 3.2
Teller, A.12CLDPHYJ1.1
Thom, J. E.12CLDPHY13.3
Thomas, S.12ATRADP1.18
Thompson, G.12CLDPHY3.4
Thornton, D. C.12CLDPHY9.1, P2.21, P2.25
Tian, L.12CLDPHYP1.22
Timlin, M. S.12CLDPHY7.1, P2.2, P2.3
Tobin, D.12ATRADP1.11
Tobin, D. C.12ATRADP1.9
Tooman, T.12CLDPHY5.3
Torrobella, J.12ATRADP3.8
Trapp, R. J.12CLDPHY11.5
Travis, L. D.12ATRAD1.1
Trenberth, K. E.12ATRAD1.2
Trepte, C.12ATRAD6.3
Trepte, Q.12ATRAD8.5, P4.20, P4.26
Trepte, Q. Z.12CLDPHYJ2.3
Tripoli, G. J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.32, 12.2, 12.6, 13.3, 2.4
Trishchenko, A. P.12ATRADP4.33, 13.6
Trivej, P.12CLDPHYP2.27
Troyan, D.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Tsay, S.12ATRADP4.29
Tsushima, Y.12CLDPHY11.3
Turner, D.12CLDPHYP1.54
Turner, D. D.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.10, 10.6, P4.13, P4.14, P4.23, P1.9, P1.11
Twohy, C.12CLDPHYP1.39
Twohy, C. H.12CLDPHY13.4, 2.1
Um, J.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD5.3, JP2.8
Unal, C. M. H.12CLDPHYP2.67
Uno, I.12CLDPHYJP1.19
Uttal, T.12ATRADP4.28, 6.4
Vaillancourt, P. A.12ATRADP2.22
Valero, F.12ATRAD1.2
Valero, F. P. J.12ATRAD1.4
Van den Heever, S. C.12CLDPHYJP1.11
Vant-Hull, B.12CLDPHYP1.49
Vant-Hull, B. L.12CLDPHYJP1.5
Van Zanten, M. C.12CLDPHY12.6
Vargas, S.12CLDPHYP2.27
Varnai, T.12ATRAD3.6, 2.5
Vaughan, G.12CLDPHY7.3
Velazquez Blazquez, A.12ATRADP3.8
Venema, V.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADJ2.1, JP2.2, 11.2
Verheggen, B.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 2.6
Verlinde, J.12CLDPHYP1.31, JP2.1
Vermeesch, K.12CLDPHYP2.8
Vidaurre, G.12CLDPHYP1.39, 3.3, P2.54
Vidot, J.12ATRADP4.7, P4.17
Vonder Haar, T. H.12CLDPHYP1.25
Vukovic, Z. R.12ATRADP1.3
Wahl, S.12ATRADP2.12
Walden, V. P.12ATRADP3.14, J2.11
Walikainen, D.12ATRADP1.18
Walker, G.12CLDPHYJP1.17
Walter, S.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 2.6, P2.18, P2.20
Wang, H.12CLDPHYP2.33
Wang, J.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP4.18, P2.47
Wang, L.-P.12CLDPHY14.1, 12.3
Wang, P.12ATRAD14.3, P4.48
Wang, P. K.12CLDPHYP1.56, 11.2, 8.3, 8.6
Wang, X.12ATRAD8.1, P4.37
Wang, Z.12CLDPHYP1.34
Warhaft, Z.12CLDPHYP2.40
Warren, S. G.12ATRADJP2.12, 5.3
Watson, B.12ATRAD11.5
Wearn, B.12CLDPHY5.4
Weatherhead, E. C.12ATRAD10.2
Weidner, G. A.12CLDPHY13.3
Weingartner, E.12CLDPHYJ1.4, 2.6
Weinstock, E. M.12CLDPHY6.4
Weller, R. A.12CLDPHY1.3A
Wen, G.12ATRAD2.5, 7.5, P4.34
Wendisch, M.12CLDPHY, 12ATRAD12.1, 14.5, J2.4, JP2.2, P2.38
Weng, F.12ATRAD2.6
Westbrook, C. D.12CLDPHYP1.52, P1.55
Wicks, G.12CLDPHYP1.6
Wielicki, B. A.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHYP3.6, 1.2, J2.2, J2.3, 10.2, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5
Wilber, A. C.12ATRADP3.17, P3.21
Wilcox, E. M.12CLDPHYJP1.17
Wild, M.12ATRADP3.3, 10.1, 10.2
Wilkinson, J. M.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.62, 6.5
Williams, P.12CLDPHY7.3
Willis, J. K.12ATRAD9.3
Willén, U.12ATRADP2.23
Wilson, M.12ATRADP4.21
Wilson, R.12ATRADP1.18
Wilson, W. H.12CLDPHYP2.49
Wind, B.12ATRAD2.1
Wind, G.12ATRAD2.1
Winger, K.12ATRADP2.22
Winker, D. M.12ATRAD6.3
Wiscombe, W.12ATRAD1.2, 12.4, JP2.7, P4.34
Wiscombe, W. J.12ATRADP1.15, P1.16
Witek, M.12ATRADP2.2
Wolters, E. L.12ATRADP2.17
Wolters, E. L. A.12ATRADP4.16
Wong, T.12ATRAD9.2, 9.3, 9.4
Wood, N. B.12ATRADJP2.16
Wood, R.12CLDPHYJP1.3, 1.3A, P2.57
Woodley, W. L.12CLDPHY13.1, P2.45
Woods, C. P.12CLDPHYP2.51
Worringen, A.12CLDPHY2.6
Wunsch, S.12CLDPHYP1.38
Wyser, K.12ATRADP2.23
Xi, B.12ATRADJ2.2, P4.31, P4.38
Xia, X.12ATRAD7.2
Xie, S.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Xie, Y.12ATRADJP2.10
Xu, K.-M.12ATRADP2.9, 9.5
Xue, H.12CLDPHYJ1.1, J1.7
Xue, Y.12CLDPHY12.3
Yang, H.-J.12CLDPHY13.2
Yang, P.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.25, P1.46, 6.6, 14.5, P2.1, P2.9, P2.13, P2.15, 1.3, J2.4, J2.6, J2.7, JP2.5, JP2.7, JP2.10, JP2.15, P4.1, P4.2, P4.4, P4.11, P4.22, P4.24
Yang, Y.12ATRADP4.40
Yau, M. K.12CLDPHYP2.50
Yi, H. Y.12ATRADP3.5
Yi, Y.12ATRADP4.19
Yin, Y.12CLDPHYP2.16
Yoon, J.-M.12ATRAD8.6
Yost, C. R.12ATRADP4.1
You, Y.12ATRADP4.11, P4.22
Young, D. F.12ATRADP3.1, 9.1, 9.4
Yu, B.12ATRADP4.50
Yu, H.12ATRAD7.1
Yuan, T.12CLDPHYP1.49, JP1.5
Yue, Q.12ATRADP4.47
Yum, S. S.12CLDPHY13.2
Zentz, S. M.12ATRADP3.6, P1.1
Zhai, P.-W.12ATRADP2.15
Zhang, G.12CLDPHYP1.14, 4.4, JP2.1
Zhang, H.12CLDPHY, 12ATRADP1.63, P4.39
Zhang, M. H.12CLDPHYJ2.10
Zhang, T.12ATRADP3.3, P3.16, 10.1, 10.2, P1.6
Zhang, Z.12ATRADP2.9, P2.13, JP2.7
Zhao, C.12CLDPHY4.6, J1.10
Zhao, G.12ATRAD, 12CLDPHY14.6, 10.2
Zhao, T. X. -. P.12ATRAD7.1
Zhou, D.12ATRADP2.13
Zhou, W.12ATRADP4.5
Zhou, Y.12ATRADP3.17
Zinner, T.12ATRAD3.3
Zipser, E. J.12CLDPHY8.2
Zmarzly, P.12CLDPHYP2.66
Zrnic, D.12CLDPHY11.5
Zuidema, P.12CLDPHYP1.33, J1.7
Zulauf, M. A.12CLDPHYP1.37, 8.2
Zupanski, D.12CLDPHY1.4A